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5 Things You Need To Know About The World Tarot Card

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Without realizing it, we have come to the final leg of the Major Arcana Journey – The World Tarot Card. This card is as grand as its name, representing the ultimate union, happiness, and wholeness of the journey. Also, it is a manifestation of overcoming self-limitations and having greater power.

The design of the world (tarot card) has many elements that are designed to echo and connect with each of the previous cards. Because it is the last Major Arcana, the main theme of the “final” cannot be ignored. It had to be perfect and portray the deeper feelings – and these secrets are hidden deep within.

What Does The World Tarot Card Mean?

what does the world tarot card mean

Overall Picture Of The World Tarot Card

The goddess in the center is wrapped in a noble and mysterious purple silk scarf. It may remind you that the back of justice tarot card also has a purple silk scarf, symbolizing mystery. The wands on either side are shaped like burning candles. They symbolize the four elements and the complexity of the universe.

She is surrounded by a circular wreath. Above and below the wreath, there are two red cloths surrounding into an infinity symbol, representing the echo, articulation and circulation between the top and bottom, heaven and earth. At the same time, it also implies the end of this journey and a new one will come.

Surrounding the wreath are the four living creatures of the Bible, who are sometimes called mystical beasts. They are the embodiment of the four evangelists and the pictorial representation of the miraculous “JVHV”.

The four mythical beasts are gathered around the wreath, presenting distinct colors and independent and clear faces. They are no longer involved in the cycle of fate, for the mission has been accomplished, and the world is complete and peaceful.

the world (tarot card)

Correspondence Of World Tarot Card

  • Element

Earth Element. The qualities shown by the Earth Element in this card are: endurance, fixed and unchanging, vital, perpetual, complete, etc.

  • Strengthening Cards

The hanged man tarot card

The star tarot card

Judgement tarot card

Three of wands

  • Numbers

The world tarot card is the No.21 card, after the Judgement. The “2” is a representation of the balanced, and the evolution of the original power of “1”. In the Bible, Eve is the second human created by God, so the “2” represents femininity, feminine dependence, and maternal power.

And “1” is the origin of the number, the seed of life, which shows the beginning of all things. In the Bible, God created the first man, Adam. Therefore, 1 has a strong masculine power and is the representative of the Father.

“21” means that man and woman together give birth to all things. And the two numbers added together equal “3”, which delegates expression. In Christianity, 3 is the synthesis of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and the trinity of Mother, Father and Child.

Therefore, the two numerical qualities of 21 and 3, together with the earth element, make the tarot world very compatible with the “harmony of male and female” and “the root of all things”, and emphasize “completeness”.

Tarot Card The World Upright

tarot card the world

The world card tarot is a perfect integration: it is an ideal, a perfect form, and the ultimate hope of human. One could say that this figure is androgynous, like many of the previous cards, presenting in a particular gender when needed.

  • Work

The seeker is very successful in his or her job and most things are done as expected. It is a very suitable job from which to get a lot of achievements.

If the seeker encounters a dilemma in the work, he/she needs to unite all the opinions and find a solution that everyone can accept. It may be hard, but in the end there should be very good results.

  • Relationship

As long as the original situation is maintained, the relationship should be very stable and is moving to marriage.

If the seeker is single, there is a good candidate for a relationship that meets most of the desired conditions, so he/she should take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Mind

On the mental and spiritual level, if the seeker understands the natural laws of the world, he or she will not have excessive delusions and illusions. So, he or she will be able to take responsibility for own actions and achieve the goals.

Tarot Cards The World Reversed

what does the world card mean in tarot
  • Work

If the seeker encounters a dilemma at work, the best way is to maintain the status quo. If he/she takes the liberty to change the result, may get into more trouble.

Regarding the development of the job, the seeker now sees the future situation, and the job will not change much except for the increase of seniority.

  • Relationship

Now the seeker’s relationship is entering a stable stage, but it also a little boring. There are more responsibilities than feelings between the two people, and the blandness of their relationship has made the passion disappear.

If single, there won’t be any new relationship candidates now, the seeker should get used to living alone quickly because such a situation may last for a long time.

If break up, the relationship is completely impossible to get back together, and there is no need to think about it. Otherwise, instead, he or she may miss other new opportunities.

  • Mind

On a spiritual and mental level, the seeker is in awe of the laws of nature and wants to understand them better. But there are often many different levels of truth, and what one knows is not the only law.

How to break this situation?

Whether it was successful or not, don’t resist the results. This stage is over, and dwelling on it won’t help; moving on to the next stage with joy is the best way to help grow.

Not to mention that this will not be the last success. Only by taking on a new phase and accepting new challenges will it be possible to hold the “world” again, and achieve a naturally sustainable success.

World Card Tarot Revelation

tarot cards the world

If you are climbing a high mountain, don’t think it is reaching the top that brings you joy; it is actually joy that takes you to the top. Focus on the path beneath your feet and finding the joy within, the road uphill will be much easier.

Worldly perfection is hard to achieve, so what the world tarot card bestows is the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment of the soul. It can also be said to be a return to the original initial perfection, and the ultimate connection with the original.

The most beautiful state is to face yourself openly and live sincerely!

The Printable Tarot Card World

The Printable Tarot Card World

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