/  The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card: Transformation, Trials, And Cycle

The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card: Transformation, Trials, And Cycle

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The transition from the preceding card, No. 9, the Hermit, to the subsequent card, No. 10, the Wheel of Fortune tarot card, signifies a shift from concealment to revelation and from the pinnacle number 9 to 0.

The Wheel of Fortune resembles the concept of 0 – a circular, wheel-like symbol with a circumference. Positioned as the central card within the 22 Major Arcana cards, it embodies the transformative wheel that encapsulates one’s entire destiny.

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Overall Picture Of The Wheel Of Fortune (Tarot Card)

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

The appellation Wheel of Fortune originates from the Latin name of the Trinity goddess of destiny, known as Vortumna, the Etruscan mother goddess. Vortumna translates to the goddess who turns the wheel of the year, embodies all time and cycles of existence.

In its role as the tenth card, the Wheel of Fortune prominently features a vast wheel. The number 10, marks both an ancient conclusion and a fresh commencement, denoting the completion of exploration from 1 to 9 and the initiation of a new chapter for two digits.

The four creatures positioned in the card’s corners—an eagle, lion, ox, and human—represent water (Scorpio), fire (Leo), earth (Taurus), and wind (Aquarius) respectively. Engaged in reading books to acquire wisdom, their wings afford them stability amidst changes.

The sphinx positioned above the wheel represents Horus, the ancient Egyptian god of rebirth, symbolizing protection and order. In the lower left, a descending snake embodies Typhon, the malevolent god in Egyptian mythology, leading the wheel toward disintegration into the dark world. Conversely, on the lower right, Anubis, the bestower of new life, propels the wheel upward.

With one force guiding the wheel into the depths and another lifting it towards heaven, complemented by the guardian in the center, the wheel maintains its perpetual motion while preserving balance.

Examining the characters once more, the Hebrew letters encircling the outer wheel—Yod, Heh, Vau, and Heh—spell the name of God, signifying the divine influence over the Wheel of Fortune.

The alchemical symbols inscribed on the inner wheel include the representation of mercury (symbolizing the heart and spirit) at the top, salt (symbolizing the body) on the left, and sulfur (symbolizing the soul) on the right. This trio is known as the Alchemical Holy Triune.

Beneath them is the solution symbol, capable of integrating other elements that symbolize the body, mind, and spirit. It encapsulates the three levels of body, mind, and soul. The Wheel of Fortune encompasses comprehensive elements, serving as a symbol of the natural laws governing heaven and earth.

The term “TARO” is inscribed on the wheel, echoing the significance of the “TARO” in the “Priestess’s” book of wisdom, signifying the ceaseless cycle of destiny, truth, and life.

The Wheel of Fortune continually spins, signifying the potential for improvement or deterioration. It underscores the transience of all aspects in this world—be it joy or sorrow, triumph or failure.

Serving as a symbol for the relentless passage of time, the card encapsulates the phases of transition and transformation within the Major Arcana. As the wheel turns, the Major Arcana transitions from individual personality types to experiential forces, those beyond our control, serving as a reminder to initiate changes that begin from within.

The Upright Tarot Card Wheel Of Fortune

The Upright Tarot Card Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune tarot reading may initially seem challenging for some due to its lack of explicit character connections on the cards. However, it is, in fact, quite straightforward to grasp.

Many individuals in our lives exhibit traits akin to the “Wheel of Fortune.”

When you navigate situations without overthinking, go with the flow, and embrace circumstances, or lead a routine existence with a belief in fate and destiny, you embody the essence of the “Wheel of Fortune.”

Moreover, this card also signifies individuals characterized by optimistic thinking, specific wisdom, material well-being, proactive capabilities, and a strong interpersonal foundation. Such individuals have weathered life’s highs and lows and eagerly anticipate a positive future.


Encountering destiny, experiencing love at first sight, meeting someone new, or embracing sudden confessions characterize this phase. Opportunities for more profound connections between genders are on the rise, making it an opportune time for dating or marriage.

If your current romantic relationship falls short of meeting your emotional needs, consider open communication with your partner, aiming for mutual growth in the realm of love. Should a consensus prove elusive, making the choice to part ways and seek new love becomes a viable option.


A temporary increase in income or unexpected windfall prompts adaptability to change. Consider divesting underperforming real estate, stocks, or securities, exploring investment in growth stocks or other ventures.

Establishing your own company or engaging in work aligned with your interests can lead to a prosperous career. The key lies in making money while remaining flexible and adaptable to varying situations.


Seek support from influential figures, find yourself in a favorable environment, adapt effectively to the world, and foster positive social connections.


Chart your course for the future as unexpected good news unfolds. Maintain flexibility in your plans, stay attuned to changes in your career landscape, and be open to altering your current approach. Collaboration with others will provide assistance, and prospects for advancement and promotion become tangible.

The Reversed Tarot Card Wheel Of Fortune

The Reversed Tarot Card Wheel Of Fortune

The reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card suggests that the unfolding changes may bring about challenges. Efforts invested in navigating these events might often seem futile. There’s no need for fear or resistance against the odds; view this as a life examination process. Consider it a unique turning point and a valuable opportunity.

To proceed, revisit the preceding the Hermit tarot card and reflect on what aspects of your life are no longer necessary. If hesitation lingers, embrace the release of those elements with joy. Letting go might enable you to shed shadows and usher in a new and promising future.


A recurring pattern characterizes your relationship, and the absence of crucial communication methods has led to significant shifts between you and your partner. The demands of everyday life have gradually dimmed the enthusiasm you once shared, rendering your shared existence increasingly mundane and lacking in spiritual connection.

This scenario has caused a growing emotional distance, and your partner may seek solace in another relationship. Even after the breakup, lingering concerns about this past relationship persist, making it challenging to forget the blend of sweetness and pain it brought, hindering your ability to embrace a new connection.


A sudden financial loss, excessive spending, or a severe crisis in your financial situation may arise. Past investments such as stocks, securities, and real estate have been impacted by a recessionary environment, resulting not only in the absence of profits but also significant losses.


Deception, numerous misunderstandings, unstable interpersonal connections, persistent busyness, and disagreements with friends mark this phase.


Misunderstandings with colleagues or leaders may lead to substantial setbacks at work. Environmental or personnel obstacles impede the execution of plans, necessitating a fresh start.

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