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The Strength Tarot Card: Power, Rationality And Balance

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Within the Strength tarot card, two contrasting figures emerge: a calm woman in a toga, gently caressing a fierce beast, presenting an entirely non-threatening demeanor. This card embodies the profound concept that rationality can be transmuted into strength, representing the ultimate guiding principle of the Strength (tarot card).

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1. Overall Picture Of The Strength Tarot

  • Element: Fire
  • Corresponding astrology: Leo
  • Number: The number 8 (after the Hermit) symbolizes liberation from limitations and possesses the resilience and power to achieve material satisfaction
What Does The Strength Tarot Card Mean

In the card, the goddess leans over, gently caressing a fierce lion, employing her tenderness and love to console the fearful creature in her embrace. The Strength tarot card serves as a symbol of both love and unwavering determination. It is through the power of love and that humanity can triumph over all challenges and persist in the continuous flow of history.

The infinity symbol embodies enduring perseverance, arising from the fusion of moral and physical strength. The lion signifies human instinct, while the goddess embodies love and obedience. Their harmonious coexistence and mutual support create a formidable force capable of conquering the world. The walled castle serves as a metaphor, illustrating that true power transcends conventional expressions of authority.

This card can be interpreted as a representation of the conflict between desires and motivations. Strength (tarot card) is a blend of toughness and gentleness. Human instinct tends to be apprehensive, requiring both control and reassurance from reason.

Simultaneously, the potency of instinct shouldn’t be sacrificed, and reason must offer support as well. This underscores the crucial role of “balance” in deciphering the meaning of this tarot card.

2. The Strength Tarot Card Upright

The Lovers Tarot Card Upright

In its upright position, the Strength card tarot signifies the individual’s robust energy and the ability to transform adversity into opportunity. Nevertheless, the realization of outcomes ultimately lies in the hands of fate. Despite one’s skill and proficiency, unforeseen circumstances and coincidences may hinder the attainment of a satisfactory result.

  • Love

You possess the strength and courage required to foster genuine intimacy in your relationship, without attempting to exert control or succumb to control. Facing challenges head-on, you bravely navigate difficulties instead of avoiding them out of fear. True intimacy with your partner is achievable through attentive listening and actions rooted in inner strength rather than driven by fear.

In this relationship, the woman holds a distinct advantage, and the man demonstrates a tendency to be more yielding or accommodating. It’s evident that the woman derives significant enjoyment from the relationship, while the man doesn’t appear displeased either. The key to the success and longevity of this relationship lies in the woman avoiding excessive assertiveness or strength. Striking a balance ensures a positive trajectory for the relationship, allowing it to progress smoothly.

  • Wealth

While it’s acceptable to make substantial investments and incur significant expenses, it’s crucial to avoid excessive greed, as it may lead to substantial losses.

  • Relationship

Representing enduring interpersonal connections, awareness and intuition harmoniously intertwine, creating a tapestry of rich emotional energy. Your enthusiasm towards others is noteworthy, earning you praise for decisive actions and respect for your unwavering perseverance and high fighting spirit from those around you.

  • Career

You excel at surmounting challenges, enjoy assisting others, consistently push your professional boundaries, and strive to fulfill your potential. Your superiors and clients will place complete trust in you, leading to a series of accomplishments and the possibility of securing leadership positions.

3. The Strength Tarot Reversed

The Lovers Tarot Reversed

The reversed Strength Tarot card is straightforward in its interpretation, indicating a sense of powerlessness and weakness. Human vulnerabilities manifest in various forms, such as dependency on others, avoidance of responsibilities, and even engaging in bullying behaviors. The more tender a person is, the greater the likelihood of projecting an outward strength that masks internal fragility.

In moments of life where you feel powerless, there’s a tendency to seek control over someone or something to regain a sense of empowerment. This phase may lead to displaying either overly dominant or excessively submissive behaviors in relationships.

  • Love

This relationship consistently presents a challenge in understanding and assessing, and this perception holds true. Perhaps you haven’t entirely captured his heart, and he remains uncertain and indecisive.

Simultaneously, you find yourself lacking confidence and clarity about wanting a stable connection with him. With both hearts wandering, the task of stabilizing the relationship naturally becomes more complex.

  • Wealth

You become weak inside, your inner courage and confidence disappear, and fear and doubt make you hesitant. An arrogant and conceited character will cause you to suffer serious financial losses.

For example, you may lose money due to gambling, overdraw your credit card due to poor financial management, be deceived and lose money due to temptation, etc.

  • Relationship

Your assertive actions may lead to rejection from others, making you susceptible to exploitation due to an inability to resist temptation. This, in turn, can erode your confidence in forming meaningful friendships.

  • Career

Excessive ambition, a struggle in academic pursuits, and a lack of perseverance in your professional endeavors might lead to hasty and ineffective outcomes. At times, the stability of a conventional career or lifestyle may hold temporary appeal for you.

Anything that serves as an escape from your passions and desires may appear enticing, whether it’s becoming a workaholic, overly fixating on your career, or filling your time with unnecessary activities.

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