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6 Facts About The Star Tarot Card

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Among the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, the star tarot card belongs to one of the three major celestial bodies (the sun, the moon and the stars). It is located in the Cosmic Deck, which is also the last stage of the Fool’s Journey.

The appearance of the star, full of hope and a sense of healing, means that the source of light is getting closer and closer to the end of the Fool’s Journey.

What Does The Star Tarot Card Mean?

what does the star tarot card mean

Overall picture ofthe star tarot card

In the star (tarot card), a giant shining star with eight rays of light is surrounded by smaller stars that all have the same light. The female figure in the center is completely naked, her left knee on the ground and her right foot on the water, pouring out the water of life from two large spouting jugs.


      • Water

    The women pours the water in her hand without worry, proving that she does not shy away from it. Pouring water from a bottle into a pool is merging one’s emotions with heart, while pouring into land is merging one’s thinking with actions.

    The water in the bottle is a source of wisdom and inspiration, and its natural flow means that the subconscious mind is set free, even if this freedom is temporary. But her feet did not penetrate the water because the consciousness was only stirred, but not penetrated deeply.


        • Background

      The sky represents the upper level of the world, the tree shows human wisdom and ability, and the Bird of Thoth means joy.


          • Character

        The naked figure implies that old things have been removed without any burden and symbolizes perfect nature. The prototype of this star goddess may be Artemis, the goddess of the moon, representing eternal youth and beauty.


            • Number

          The star tarot card is the No.17 card, after the Tower. It is composed of the powerful 1 and the breakthrough-seeking 7. 1+7=8, and the 8 eight-pointed stars on the card suggest an inseparable connection with the strength tarot card. It is very sublime in its idealism, not just a small stage plan.


              • Octagrams

            There are a total of eight stars on the card, each of which is an octagram, and the seven minor stars have an awning number of 56, corresponding to the number of Minor Arcana.

            The major star corresponds to Venus in the solar system, while the other seven minor stars correspond to Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

            In the earliest rider waite tarot cards, this major star was also the “Star of Hope” – the common ideal of the Golden Dawn Association.

            Correspondence of star card tarot

            the star (tarot card)


                • Keyword

              The key words of tarot card star are hope, rebirth, tranquility and calmness. It is the most peaceful card in the Major Arcana. The bright starlight, the naked maiden, and the slightly rippling water all bring people a sense of peace.


                  • Hebrew alphabet

                The Hebrew alphabet for the star tarot is Tzaddi, which means fish bone and represents infinite possibilities and creativity.


                    • Astrology

                  The tarot star card corresponds astrologically to the Aquarius – a sign of unrestricted thinking. It is about “recognizing our inner master (subconscious), channeling this energy into the body and manifesting it through physical objects”.


                      • Kabbalah

                    The tarot card the star links “Netzach (victory)” and “Yesod (foundation)” in the tree of life. Through this path the natural instincts perceive the spiritual forces, which in turn can go back to the natural world.

                    Similar Cards To Tarot Cards Star


                        • The fool tarot card: Simple trust.

                        • The empress tarot card: Generous and heartfelt feelings.

                        • Six of cups: Kindness and sharing.

                        • Ten of cups: Joyful and positive feelings and blessings.



                        Opposite Cards To Star Tarot Card


                            • The devil tarot card: Lack of trust, pessimism.

                            • The tower tarot card: Dramatic changes and confusion.

                            • The moon tarot card: Trouble and distress, anxiety and shock.

                            • Two of swords: Emotional stagnation.

                            • Nine of swords: Despair and pain.

                          The Star Tarot Card Upright

                          star tarot card

                          The star tarot upright delegates healing, hope and a bright future. All materialistic desires have been resolved in the devil tarot card, and unrealistic beliefs have been crushed in the tower tarot card.

                          So when the seeker arrives here, he/she has the freedom to pursue the true purpose, the freedom to listen to the world and inner needs, and to draw the knowledge and energy through the subconscious mind.

                          Generally speaking, stars tarot is a card that represents inner healing, transforming inner desires into light and joy. It is a good omen to draw it in divination. All the seeker has to do is to keep own inner optimism and confidence, do what he/she want to do and express the true thoughts.


                              • Personality

                            It foretells that the seeker is an optimistic and easy-going person, who doesn’t fight or be picky, always full of hope for the future. Although he or she experienced bad things in life, but remains positive and optimistic.


                                • Relationship

                              The seeker will have a sweet, natural, warm and very deep love. In this relationship, the two of them get along very well and are able to keep enough freedom and space.

                              This star tarot card also represents a beautiful, warm and long-term friendship. It can also mean the blending of the past with the present and the emergence of memories.


                                  • Work

                                In career, the seeker is in a moderate and balanced state. The previous disaster from the tower tarot card has passed, things will develop in a good direction and the future is full of hope. The star tarot will be quite beneficial for creative related careers.


                                    • Health

                                  The star tarot corresponds to the kidneys and bladder of the body. If the seeker has been sick, it means that he will recover gradually and his chronic diseases will be cured.

                                  The Star Tarot Card Reversed

                                  star card tarot

                                  The reversed star has the meaning of lost, fearful, and powerless. It means that the seeker is still restricted and has not yet come out of the last card Tower. Because he or she is carrying too much, he or she loses the original purpose and cannot release the negative emotions.

                                  The seeker needs to give himself or herself a little courage to exclude the old and no longer valuable things, and believe that it will be better after abandoning them.


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