/  The Old Gods Tarot Review: Whispers of Ancient Wisdom in Exquisite Imagery

The Old Gods Tarot Review: Whispers of Ancient Wisdom in Exquisite Imagery

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The Old Gods Tarot, crafted by artist Cilla Conway, carves a unique path, whispering tales of forgotten deities and primordial forces through its stunning visuals and innovative approach.

This tapestry of global wisdom, woven with vibrant colors and intricate symbolism, transcends cultural boundaries, inviting us to reconnect with the primal forces that have shaped human experience since the dawn of time.

Let’s embark on a journey through its depths, unraveling its design, gameplay potential, and the breathtaking printing processes that breathe life into its ancient deities.

The Old Gods Tarot Parameters

The Old Gods Tarot Parameters
  • Number of cards: 80 (Major and Minor Arcana)
  • Card size: 3.5″ x 5.25″ (octagonal)
  • Card stock: Premium, 330gsm matte
  • Edge: Gold (Majors) and Silver (Minors)
  • Deck guidebook: 268-page companion by Cilla Conway

The Old Gods Tarot is printed by Acelion tarot cards printers. There are twenty-three Major Arcana in this deck, two Fools, and more personalized designs and ideas.

The Old Gods Tarot Design and Gameplay

The Old Gods Tarot Design and Gameplay

1. A Symphony of Cultures

The Old Gods Tarot shuns the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism, instead embracing a kaleidoscope of deities and myths from across the globe. The Fool is embodied by the trickster Anansi, while The Empress takes the form of the nurturing Egyptian goddess Isis.

This innovative approach encourages fresh interpretations and opens doors to exploring diverse wisdom traditions through the tarot.

2. Octagonal Enchantment

The cards themselves break the mold with their unique eight-sided shape. This unconventional form not only adds a touch of mystery but also fosters deeper contemplation.

The octagon, historically associated with creation and transformation, invites us to view the cards from multiple angles, echoing the tarot’s ability to reveal multifaceted perspectives.

3. Sacred Geometry and Symbolism

Each card in The Old Gods Tarot is a meticulously crafted canvas of symbolism. From the interwoven Celtic knots framing the Celtic Tree of Life card to the mesmerizing mandalas adorning the Minor Arcana suits, Cilla Conway weaves a web of sacred geometry that whispers forgotten secrets and deepens the interpretive possibilities.

4. A Deck for Both New and Seasoned Readers

The Old Gods Tarot caters to various levels of experience. Its intuitive symbolism and Cilla Conway’s comprehensive guidebook offer clear guidance for newcomers, while the rich cultural references and layered details provide seasoned readers with ample space for deep and personalized interpretations.

Printing Processes Highlights of The Old Gods

Printing Processes Highlights of The Old Gods

1. Rich Palette and Precise Detail

The cards are a vibrant feast for the eyes. Deep blues dance with fiery oranges, and intricate lines delineate every feather and scale with stunning precision. This level of detail and color richness is achieved through a high-quality CMYK printing process that captures the full spectrum of Cilla Conway’s artwork.

2. Gold and Silver Accents

Adding a touch of luxury and celestial energy are the metallic edge accents. Gold adorns the Major Arcana, reflecting their importance and archetypal power, while silver graces the Minor Arcana, signifying their connection to the day-to-day ebb and flow of life.

3. Durable Matte Finish

The premium matte card stock offers a luxurious feel and enhances the visual impact of the artwork. It minimizes glare and fingerprints, ensuring the cards retain their pristine beauty even after countless shuffles and readings.

The Old Gods Tarot’s captivating visuals, diverse cultural tapestry, and innovative design breathe fresh life into the tarot tradition.

Whether you seek self-exploration, guidance, or simply a breathtaking artistic experience, The Old Gods Tarot whispers ancient secrets waiting to be heard. So, gather your courage, open your mind, and embark on a transformative journey through its vibrant landscapes.

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