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Acelion’s Tarot Card Reviews: The Magpie’s Lenormand Tarot

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The Magpie’s Lenormand Tarot is a 36-card Lenormand deck by Rozenn Grosjean. It and its follow-up, The Owl and the Magpie’s Lenormand, achieved substantial funding on Kickstarter, and over €135,000 totally raised.

Now let’s delve into the unique charms that make this deck stand out:

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  • Size: standard tarot size, 2.75 x 4.75″
  • Material: 400 GSM art paper
  • Finish: matte finish and blue shiny edges
  • Package: a luxury box with a 67-page guidebook
The Magpie's Lenormand Tarot reviews
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This Lenormand deck is a beautiful, hand-painted creation inspired by Rozenn’s profound love for nature and animals.

Rozenn’s journey with Lenormand began with the Seven Spheres app. Periodically, he would draw cards for readings with Arcturus, the guide writer for the deck. The ensuing discussions about their results sparked Rozenn’s fascination with Arcturus’s introspective reading style. Not finding a Lenormand deck that resonated with him, Rozenn decided to embark on creating one himself, envisioning a deck that amplified nature’s essence beyond the traditional.

During the creative process, Rozenn sought inspiration by delving into Arc’s guide, allowing the words to guide him rather than adhering strictly to the card titles. He found inspiration in the ethereal aesthetics of the Seven Sphere Lenormand and the simplicity of imagery in the Green Glyphs Lenormand. Despite the Scythe card’s traditionally “negative” connotations, Rozenn took pride in its representation, particularly featuring a barn owl.

His enthusiasm for the Magpie’s Box pledge option is unwavering. The luxury box, expertly crafted and printed by Acelion/WJPC, houses the deck and guide, resulting in a delightful and aesthetically pleasing final product.

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Rozenn Grosjean’s artistic brilliance takes center stage in The Magpie’s Lenormand Tarot, enchanting users with intricate and visually stunning illustrations on each card.

For those who enjoy decks with simple, muted colors against dark backgrounds, The Magpie’s Lenormand offers a visually appealing and calming aesthetic.

The metal edges, gorgeous boxes, and stunning cards showcase impeccable artwork, making The Magpie’s Lenormand a visual masterpiece.

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The deck demonstrates a profound understanding of Lenormand symbolism, with each card thoughtfully crafted to embody traditional meanings while incorporating Grosjean’s artistic interpretation.

Like the Magpies, steeped in symbolism across various cultures, contribute to the deck’s cultural richness, enhancing its appeal by tapping into a diverse tapestry of meanings.

Seeking a deck with a fresh take on traditional “man” and “woman” cards? The Magpie’s Lenormand introduces The Caterpillar, The Chrysalid, and The Moth, representing a transformative progression beyond a binary approach.

For example, the deck features a yin-yang image of the owl and magpie or reversible cloth, providing flexibility in use. Matching sister decks exhibit differences and unique energies, not merely copies in different palettes, emphasizing their individuality.

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In summary, The Magpie’s Lenormand Tarot blends artistic excellence, symbolic depth, cultural inspiration, versatility in readings, and collector’s appeal, making it a standout in the world of tarot. Whether you seek visual beauty, profound symbolism, or a unique reading experience, this deck offers a multifaceted charm for enthusiasts of all levels.

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