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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning And Free Printable Lovers

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The Lovers tarot card stands out as the favored and most advantageous among the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards, particularly in its portrayal of love. Now, let’s delve into the significance of the Lovers tarot card.

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1. Overall Picture Of The Lovers Tarot

The Lovers Tarot
  • Element: Wind

The attributes conveyed by the air element in the tarot card the lovers include capriciousness, agility, inquisitiveness, vitality, adeptness in consultation, sociability, great adaptability, and effective coordination and communication skills.

  • Number: 6

After the Hierophant, the number 6 embodies the concept of attaining equilibrium and fostering mutual cooperation in various aspects of life. When combined with the Lover card and the air element, it symbolizes harmony in work, love, friendship, and a well-balanced family dynamic.

This configuration promotes the cultivation of positive and balanced relationships, avoiding excessive rigidity in ideals. The Lovers card’s affinity for exploration and experimentation is facilitated by the nature of the air element.

In the card, within the sunlit Garden of Eden, bare Adam and Eve stand on either side. Behind Eve, a tree of knowledge bears apples, signifying enlightenment rather than degradation. The snake, a symbol of wisdom, rests in the background. Behind Adam, there stands the tree of life with 12 flames representing the fire of desire.

Hovering behind the pair is Raphael, the angel of wind, adorned with purple wings and a robe symbolizing loyalty. This card draws inspiration from the Genesis myth in the Bible, portraying God’s creation of Adam and Eve. It captures their innocent nature and pure love before their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, offering a glimpse into the myth’s narrative.

2. The Lovers Tarot Card Upright

The Lovers Tarot Card Upright

When you draw an upright card, what does the Lovers tarot card mean? It signifies a decision. Typically associated with relationships, this card often points to a significant decision regarding love. It may depict the immersion in the early, romantic stages of a relationship.

Moreover, the Lovers card can also represent the choice between maintaining an existing relationship or transitioning into a new one. It suggests that you’ve gathered valuable experiences from the past, and now you’re in a position to safely progress into a new and evolved stage of your journey.

  • Love

The presence of the Lovers tarot card hints at the commencement of a fresh relationship or the initiation of a new chapter within an ongoing one. It empowers you to make a choice that fosters the secure beginning of this new connection or phase.

Furthermore, the card characterizes an individual in a romantic state or relationship, suggesting the imminent arrival of romantic love. It forecasts a harmonious, sweet, and enduring connection between two people, promising stability in the long term.

  • Wealth

By collaborating with corporate groups or partners, you have the potential to generate substantial profits or amass considerable wealth through these partnerships. The present moment is opportune for initiating a business venture with your partners, collaborating to achieve shared goals, and reaping significant financial rewards.

  • Relationship

The arrival of a noble person heralds unexpected surprises. Seize the chance to create more opportunities, connect with new individuals, broaden your network, and boldly embrace your authentic self. In doing so, you’ll draw like-minded people toward you, inviting good fortune into your life.

  • Career

Love empowers you with considerable strength, potentially leading to significant success in your work and career. A pivotal decision awaits you in your professional life. While the outlook may not appear promising initially, careful consideration and contemplation will reveal tangible and positive outcomes in due course.

3. The Lovers Tarot Reversed

The Lovers Tarot Reversed

The Lovers Tarot Reversed signifies discontent, a touch of nostalgia, and uncertainty. This implies that endeavors to embark on a fresh phase of shared connections may rely solely on ideals and aspirations, making it advisable to uphold the existing situation.

It also hints at the conclusion of a relationship or a harmful partnership, urging caution against evading duties and commitments.

  • Love

This suggests that marriage or love is likely to encounter setbacks or failures, accompanied by a sense of apathy or avoidance of affection. From a certain perspective, the decision to be with each other may be seen as a mistake, leading to more significant challenges for the couple.

In inherently unstable relationships, caution is necessary. The presence of a third party may have intervened, significantly increasing the likelihood of the relationship concluding due to the inability to sustain this unproductive love and the introduction of a new person.

  • Wealth

The primary financial issue revolves around the disparity between income and expenses. Due to a lack of financial management skills and an inability to rein in their penchant for shopping and indulgence, you may frequently find themselves grappling with financial challenges.

  • Relationship

Momentum, unsupportive acquaintances, conflicts, team dissolution, difficulty in forming meaningful friendships, misguided partnerships or alliances, and experiences of betrayal or distrust.

  • Career

Your ability to communicate with others is notably lacking, leading to inconsistent interpersonal relationships. There is an insufficient self-awareness, and finding a balance between reality and fantasy poses a challenge. While you’ve been yearning for a breakthrough in your current job, it might be tempting to seek new opportunities outside your current environment.

However, the present moment is not opportune for such a move. It is advisable to remain in your current surroundings and attend to existing affairs. Patience is required for the breakthrough you seek, and rushing may not be the safest course of action.

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