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The Justice Tarot Card: Meaning And Free Printable Tarot Cards

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The Justice tarot card, the 11th card in the tarot deck, is a symbol of fairness, balance, and impartiality. The Justice card represents the law of cause and effect, reminding us that our deeds will ultimately shape our destiny.

Below is the justice tarot card meaning and free printable tarot cards for it.

What Does The Justice Tarot Card Mean?

Overall Picture Of The Justice (Tarot Card)

The Justice (Tarot Card)

The Justice tarot card, positioned as the central figure among the 22 Major Arcana cards, after the Wheel of Fortune, symbolizes the fundamental principles of equilibrium and parity. Its placement at number 11 underscores the idea of achieving balance and impartiality on both sides.

The imagery on the card is inherently symmetrical. The Libra, an emblem of justice and law, used for discerning right from wrong. The Sword embodies rational decision-making and the differentiation between good and evil, reward and punishment.

The messenger in the card points a sword skyward and holds a scale to seek balance. He upholds celestial principles while addressing worldly issues, his eyes clear and his reasoning rational.

The black and white pillars behind him, akin to those in the Hierophant card, signify binary opposition. In the realm of Justice, the public’s judgment discerns right from wrong, and distinctions between good and evil lead to clear definitions of rewards and punishments. This card encapsulates the law of cause and effect, leaving nothing to chance.

The Justice Tarot Card Upright

When the Justice tarot card appears in an upright position, it signifies the fulfillment of a purpose or mission. In essence, your past choices and actions have steered you to your present circumstances.

Your current situation reflects what you genuinely deserve, and deep down, you’re aware of it. This card encourages unreserved self-honesty, urging you to take responsibility for the decisions that have shaped your identity.

Furthermore, Justice might indicate a favorable legal judgment or the need to sign legal documents for a significant purchase. It can also represent the successful resolution of disputes and a conscientious acceptance of the situation at hand.

If Justice is paired with the Six of Wands card, it could suggest a job promotion as a direct outcome of past decisions and hard work, emphasizing that diligence pays off.

  • Emotions

On an emotional level, you’re on the verge of formalizing a legal partnership with your significant other, such as marriage. Your unwavering faith in love is evident.

However, if you discover that your partner is unable or unwilling to collaborate, you’re prepared to swiftly end the marriage and initiate the process of separation or divorce.

  • Career

Your goal is to attain a seamless equilibrium between work and personal life, between individual and collective pursuits, and between emotions and rationality, all while avoiding any undue compromise.

Lately, there’s a necessity to restructure your approach to work and life. On occasion, your unwavering commitment to work eclipses personal time, leading to discontent among family and friends. Conversely, indulging in personal pursuits may occasionally cause delays in your professional responsibilities.

You thrive on wearing multiple hats and relishing a dynamic, enriching life, and remarkably, you excel at managing these diverse roles.

  • Wealth

The legal challenges you previously encountered can now be deemed victorious, paving the way for the resolution of your financial woes.

Unexpected windfalls and fresh job prospects may come your way. It’s a moment for you to capitalize on and relish a well-rounded and harmonious life.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed

The Justice Tarot Card reversed

When the Justice card is in a reversed position, it signifies the presence of injustice. Legal proceedings may linger, and disputes remain unresolvable, often marked by mutual accusations and evasions of responsibility.

While you may still reap the rewards of your hard work, it’s unlikely to bring joy.

If unfair or adverse events unfold in your life, consider them as opportunities to reflect on the seeds you sowed in the past and derive lessons from them.

This moment might reveal an unwillingness to confront the true causes of current circumstances, instead opting to blame others for your predicament.

Laziness in self-examination may lead to missed opportunities for self-discovery and growth. This isn’t a time to rely on others for guidance but a chance to take responsibility for your own path within the continuous cycle of cause and effect.

You may find yourself ensnared by situations or people until you address and resolve past issues. Leaving unresolved matters can result in a recurring pattern until the lesson is learned.

  • Emotions

Emotionally, you may not be singular in your focus, occasionally finding yourself straddling two emotional commitments. When your duplicity is revealed, your response tends to be one of avoidance.

It appears challenging for you to wholly invest your affection in a single individual, and when the pressure mounts, breaking up or divorcing often seems like the sole recourse.

Nevertheless, post-separation, you might still be able to sustain a friendship with your former partner.

  • Career

You will overestimate your abilities, take on more work than you are capable of, or do work that is too difficult, so that no work is done well. Not only will you be criticized, but it will also affect your confidence in yourself.

You are so paranoid about your work attitude that you often make mistakes. If a problem occurs at work, you and the relevant personnel will be involved in an endless dispute, blaming each other and passing the buck.

Failure at work may bring you a lawsuit, which is still pending.

  • Wealth

If you lack financial management skills, your financial records are likely to frequently show deficits resulting from income and expenditure imbalances, leading to financial crises.

Without proper control, your life may become financially stretched and challenging to maintain.

Free Printable Tarot Cards For Justice

Here are 8 Free Printable Tarot Cards featuring Justice. Feel free to select your preferred design for downloading and printing. Please be aware that these images are sourced from the internet and are intended solely for educational purposes. Commercial usage is not permitted.

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