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The Judgement Tarot Card: Awakening, Rebirth And Redemption

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The Judgement tarot card is commonly related to the idea of judgement day, where the dead are raised and tried according to their deeds.

Yet in a more metaphorical sense, the Judgement card represents a period of reflection and evaluation during which a person is compelled to think about how their actions affect both themselves and other people.

The Judgement card may also signify a period of change or transition. It can be a sign that a significant change is about to occur and that the person has to get ready to move on with their life Perhaps it’s time to let go of old behaviors, viewpoints, or connections that aren’t advancing the person’s development right now.

What Does The Judgement Tarot Card Mean?

Overall picture of the judgement tarot card

judgement (tarot card)

Among the powerful representation of Major Arcana tarot cards judgement stands out with its angelic figure who is blowing a godly trumpet. This trumpet is symbolic of a call to awakening, signaling the end of a period of dormancy and the beginning of a new phase.

Below the angel, there are tombs, indicating the idea of resurrection or renewal. In some versions of the card such as the Rider Waite deck, there are naked figures rising from the graves, representing the idea of rebirth and a sense of purity.

Correspondence of judgement tarot card

  • Keyword  

Awakening, Rebirth, Transformation, Renewal, Calling, Regeneration, Release, Redemption.

  • Element

The element typically associated with tarot card judgement is fire. Fire is a symbol of transformation, passion, and intensity, which are all qualities that are relevant to this card.

Fire represents the transformative power of the card’s awakening and rebirth themes, and it also symbolizes the energy and drive that are needed to make significant changes in one’s life.

Additionally, fire element can demonstrate the transfigurative power of the querent’s pain and suffering, which are often necessary for personal growth and evolution.

  • Number

The number associated with the Judgement tarot card is 20, after the Sun. In numerology, 20 is reduced to 2+0=2. In essence, the number 2 represents duality, balance, and partnerships.

Given the context of this Major Arcana card, number 2 can be interpreted as a reminder that the transformational awakening represented by this card is not about individual experiences, but those that affect both the individual and their relationships with others.

what does the judgement tarot card mean

  • Astrology

Judgement card tarot is associated with the planet Pluto and the zodiac sign Scorpio both of which stands for transformation, death, and rebirth. Pluto and Scorpio’s influence can bring about profound changes, both externally and internally, and can help individuals to shed old patterns and beliefs in order to transform and evolve.

Therefore, when you pick this card in your reading, know that the deep emotions and challenges you are going through are unavoidable. Nonetheless, the intensity can be managed if you recognize the Judgement’s cosmic link to concepts of independence, individuality, and humanitarianism.

  • Hebrew alphabet 

In the Hebrew alphabet, the letter associated with the Judgement tarot card is Shin (ש). In the Kabbalistic tradition, Shin represents the Divine Flame and the transformative power of God.

It is said to represent the spark of divinity within all human beings and can symbolize the inner fire that drives us toward our purpose and destiny.

The letter Shin can also denote the idea of redemption and the possibility of a new beginning after a period of hardship or struggle, which is yet again consistent with the teachings of the Judgement card.

  • Kabbalah

From the Kabbalistic standpoint, the Judgement tarot card is associated with the sephirah (emanation) of Hod on the Tree of Life. Hod is the eighth sephirah on the Tree of Life and is associated with intellectual analysis, communication, and the power of the spoken word.

The Judgement card’s association with Hod suggests that the regeneration represented by the card is the result of intellectual analysis and communication. Due to Hod’s association with the power of the mind to comprehend, the card may also symbolize a moment of revelation.

Interaction ofjudgement (tarot card) with other cards

  • The Fool tarot card:  

The Judgement card appearing with it suggests that a period of transformation and awakening is beginning, and that the individual is being called to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

  • The Sun tarot card:

It appearing with the Judgement card can indicate a period of rebirth and renewal and suggest that the individual is being called to step into their own power and shine brightly.

This is a very positive combination because Sun symbolizes victories and happiness, meaning that all the intense pain you underwent actually will lead you to a better & brighter future.

tarot card judgement

  • The Emperor tarot card:

It appearing with the Judgement card can suggest that the individual is being called to take charge and take responsibility for their own transformation and growth. This is definitely not a time to blame others for the verdict given you, it is the time to admit your mistakes and then start fresh, knowing that you are the only one who can save yourself.

The upright judgement tarot card meaning

  • Emotions

In the context of love, the Judgement card can indicate a period of awakening and transformation in the seeker’s emotional life. This may be a time that they are able to let go of past mistakes and negative feelings in their relationships and embrace a new beginning.

Overall, when this card is positioned upright in your love reading, it signifies a positive period of growth and a powerful renewal in your romantic life.

  • Career

For work, upright Judgement can describe a time of evaluation and reflection on the querent’s professional goals and aspirations. The card may also imply that the seeker is being called to take responsibility for their career path and make adjustments that will lead to greater fulfillment and success.

This may be the moment when they are ready to embrace a new beginning and are finally letting go of the negativity surrounding their earlier setbacks. Overall, the seeker’s work life is going through a phase of growth and transformation.

  • Wealth

This is a time you will be asked to undertake extensive responsibilities for your financial situation and make salient changes to improve your monetary well-being. If there are debts accumulating, consider restructuring them and start paying regularly.

Stop postponing! The Judgement card literally translates as “You reap what you sow”. If you don’t want to face up any negative financial consequences, then commence the good deeds.

  • Health

The Judgement card is a wonderful indicator of a time of renewal and transformation in the querent’s physical and mental well-being. He/she will be able to mend after a period of mishaps.

The reversed judgement tarot card meaning

judgement card tarot

  • Emotions

For love, this card usually implies that the individual is holding onto their past traumas and have trouble focusing on their current relationship. The card may also suggest that the seeker is refusing to be held liable for their romantic problems and avoiding making some seriously necessary changes.

Additionally, when this card is reversed, it may also show stagnation and a lack of progress in the individual’s love life. You may be single for a long, long time. Unless you’re willing to let go of your unpleasant memories, having success in your dating scene will not be likely.

  • Career

When it comes to work and career, this card can translate into a lack of direction and confusion in the individual’s professional life. The feeling of being trapped in a destructive cycle that is sapping the person’s soul may also be highlighted by this card.

In a word, the reversed Judgement suggests that the individual is in need of self-reflection and a willingness to take ownership of their professional growth and success.

  • Wealth

The financial hardships you’re going through may involve having to make a consistent payment such as alimony. On a different level, this card may mean that the loss of an emotionally attached item burdens your soul.

In the end, your problems emerged as a result of your own actions, thus, waiting for a savior won’t work at the moment.  

  • Health

This is a sign that you’re overlooking your responsibilities and instead focusing on pleasures which are eventually leading you into making harsh self-criticisms. This is your wake-up call to take ownership of your situation and stop disregarding your mental wellness.

Inspiration By The Judgement Tarot Card

Embrace change and transformation, and allow yourself to be transformed by the experiences you are going through. Furthermore, reflect on past experiences and learn from them in order to move forward.

The Judgement card can also represent a moment of reckoning, where you might be called to watch out for your impact on others.

Moreover, you should trust your own inner voice and listen to your intuition as you navigate the changes and transformations ahead. Finally, Judgement card advises you to let go of grudges and resentments and forgive yourself and others for past transgressions.

Free Printable Tarot Cards For Judgement

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