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The Hierophant Tarot Card: Tradition, Authority And Guidance

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The Hierophant is the most traditional card in the Major Arcana, and it symbolizes a religious figure sitting on a throne. The Hierophant tarot card is firmly associated with traditional values, institutions, and religious authorities.

It also represents the need for order and may indicate a time when you need to follow established rules and seek the guidance of an authority figure.

What Does The Hierophant Tarot Card Mean?

Overall picture of the Hierophant tarot card

hierophant tarot card

In almost all tarot decks, The Hierophant tarot card stands out as a religious figure commanding the worshippers in a sacred space. He is always surrounded by symbols of tradition and is seen wearing a ceremonial robe. His wand is a symbol of authority and knowledge, and this card demands the querent’s utmost reverence and respect for tradition.

Correspondence of hierophant tarot card

  • Keyword  

Tradition, Religion, Authority, Guidance, Mentorship, Rules, Conformity, Order.

  • Element

The element associated with tarot cards the hierophant is Earth. This element represents stability, groundedness, and materiality, and is often linked to the physical world and the body.

This element puts forward that we need a stable foundation in order to explore the spiritual and intellectual realms, and that we should ground ourselves in established beliefs and values before seeking out new knowledge and experiences.

The Earth element can also symbolize the practical aspects of our lives, such as our work, finances, and material possessions, and can remind us to be more responsible and conscientious in these areas.

It is agreed that the element earth wants people to recognize the role that tradition and structure can play in helping them achieve their goals.

  • Number

The Hierophant tarot card is correlated with the number 5, after the Emperor. In numerology, the number 5 is seen as a representation of change, freedom, and growth. In the context of the Hierophant card, the number 5 can be seen as symbolizing the tension between tradition and innovation.

It is worth mentioning that The Hierophant card may also urge you to strike a balance between the need for structure and order, and the desire to explore new ideas and ways of thinking.

  • Astrology

Hierophant tarot card relates to the astrological sign of Taurus. This is mainly due to them being symbols of stability, practicality, and love of beauty and pleasure. Moreover, Taurus is a sign that values practicality and consistency, and the Hierophant may encourage us to ground ourselves in these qualities in order to achieve our goals.

The astrological relation between them also suggests that one can find fulfillment and happiness by embracing tradition and structure, while also cultivating a deep appreciation for the simple joys and pleasures that make life worth living.

tarot cards the hierophant
  • Hebrew alphabet 

In the Hebrew alphabet, the Hierophant tarot card is associated with the letter Vav (ו). Vav is the sixth letter of this alphabet and is often related to the “concept of connection”.

In its link to the Hierophant card, the letter Vav can be seen as representing the importance of connection and guidance in our spiritual lives.

In addition, Vav reminds us of the power of mentorship and the role that teachers and guides can play in helping us to explore new ideas and ways of thinking.

  • Kabbalah

The Hierophant’s role as a spiritual mentor and guide is reflected in the Kabbalistic symbolism of the Vav path, which represents the connection between higher and lower realms of consciousness.

The Hierophant encourages us to explore our own spiritual and intellectual pursuits and to seek out the guidance and support we need to reach our full potential.

Interaction with other cards

  • The High Priestess tarot card:

These two cards are both associated with spiritual wisdom and knowledge, but they approach these qualities from different perspectives. The High Priestess represents mystical knowledge, while the Hierophant embodies the more structured and traditional aspects of spirituality. When they appear together, they may suggest a need to balance intuition and tradition in order to fully access and understand spiritual wisdom.

  • The Emperor tarot card:

They are both powerful archetypes in the Rider Waite tarot deck, representing authority, structure, and leadership. When these two cards pop up together in a spread, they can offer valuable insights into how to balance structure and guidance with the exercise of power and authority.

  • The Judgment tarot card:

They are both representatives of spiritual growth and transformation. When these are together in a spread, they can offer valuable insights into how to integrate spiritual guidance and wisdom into the process of metamorphosis.

tarot cards hierophant

The upright hierophant tarot card meaning

  • Emotions

When it comes to matters of the heart, the upright Hierophant can indicate a need for counseling in emotions. This card suggests that you may need to rely on tradition and established beliefs to navigate your emotions & relationships.

If you are currently struggling with your romantic life, then the Hierophant card encourages you to seek direction from someone with experience. This could be a trusted friend, a family member, a counselor, or a spiritual leader.

  • Career

In its simplest form, The Hierophant indicates a need for education or mentorship in order to advance in your career. You may have to seek out a skillful teacher who can offer leadership and support as you navigate the challenges of your profession.

Additionally, the Hierophant may point out a need to conform to outside expectations in your career. You may need to follow established protocols and adhere to a particular set of rules to be able to ascend in your career.

  • Wealth

This could be a period in which you need to follow a particular budget, investment strategy, or savings plan as a way to attain your financial goals.

In addition, the Hierophant may suggest a need for joining a financial education program such as a crypto course in order to make wise financial decisions.

It would also be advisable for you to seek out a renowned broker who can offer a piece of guidance for managing your wealth.

  • Health

The Hierophant tarot card represents established healthcare institutions such as hospitals and wellness centers and can indicate an operation or surgery that you may need to experience for optimal health.

On a softer note, you may need to abide by a particular diet and an extensive exercise routine to recover your physical wellness.

The reversed hierophant tarot card meaning

the hierophant tarot card reversed
  • Emotions

In love, the reversed Hierophant tarot card can indicate a rejection of traditional values and a strong resistance to conform to societal expectancies from you. You might be groomed into and even pressured to follow a particular path in your love life, but you are hesitant to do so.

Alternatively, the reversed Hierophant can propose that you are struggling to find meaning in your love life. You may feel disconnected from your values and beliefs around relationships, and you may be unsure of what you want or need from your romantic partnerships. Right now may not be the most ideal time to jump into a new relationship.

  • Career

If you draw this card in reversed position in your career reading, then it can be a sign that you’re no longer interested in the traditional career paths or the conventional corporate structure. They are neither serving your needs nor aligning with your values.

This card position can also suggest an urge to challenge the current status quo and confront your boss. It is true that you need to take a risk in order to pursue your true passions.

However, if you wish to find fulfillment in your work, then support from a like-minded colleague should be your first option. Do not enter a war mother naked, have some support.

  • Wealth

For matters pertaining to wealth, the reversed Hierophant tarot card can show that you have the habit of disregarding the financial traditions and the advice coming from financial authority figures completely.

However, your resistance to following established financial practices can lead to a major loss. While revisiting and restructuring your limiting beliefs around money, make sure to not get lost in conspiracy theories.

Also, be careful about lending money to strangers who might end up using your money to finance their weird spiritual orders.

  • Health

You are probably rejecting the conventional approaches to healthcare, and exploring holistic health practices instead.

Taking a handful of pills is probably not the best for your long-term health, hence, you actually might be on the right path. Just remember that rejecting all the accumulated values and systems from traditional medicine may result in disillusionment.

Inspiration By The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant tarot card advises you to explore and embrace your spirituality, traditions, and community. It also encourages you to seek out guidance from wise mentors and spiritual leaders and to honor the wisdom of those who have come before you.

By doing so, you can find greater meaning and fulfillment in your life and make a positive impact on the world.

The Hierophant Printable Tarot Card

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