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What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

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The hermit tarot card is in every way related to time, corresponding to Cronus, the god of time, who, according to legend, swallows each child when it is born. This implies that everything in the universe will succumb to time, which is like a gurgling water that eventually takes each of his children away.

The hermit tarot is such a card that requires a certain amount of life experience to be able to perceive the energy in it.

What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

Overall Picture Of The World Tarot Card

The tarot hermit has a large blue color, representing the energy of the earth and water, and also indicates a connection with the energy of the night and the moon.

In the middle of the card is an old man with a bowed back. He has climbed to the top of the snowy mountain and is looking down. This represents that he has attained the highest level of wisdom. From his face and form, it is clear that he is slightly tired and lonely, so the journey has not been easy.

In his left hand he holds a wand, which is the fulcrum and strength that had supported him from the Fool tarot card to this point. The cloak he wears also gradually receded in color and became plain. Even to hide himself, he chose the gray robe meaning neutrality. This implies that he hides the waves of emotions, but has unlimited energy inside.

However, his eyes reveal a sense of determination and he holds up a lamp in his right hand. This lamp has a six-man star inside, consisting of a “water triangle” and a “fire triangle”, and points in two directions: outside and inside.

The water triangle signifies that detachment from the outside world is for self-exploration and enlightenment of the higher wisdom within. The fire triangle, on the other hand, is like a mentor helping us to find our own path, and is therefore a source of revelatory power.

In summary, this lamp is not bright enough, but the light of awareness and wisdom collected by the hermit in tarot is already in it. Next, he would carry this light down the mountain and convey it to the people below.

Correspondence Of World Tarot Card

  • Keyword  

Discretion, Solitude, Inner heart, Guidance.

  • Element

Earth. In this the hermit tarot card it shows qualities about: obstruction in the process, real life considerations, slow progress, persistence, patience, resilience, etc.

  • Number

This is the card of No.9, after the Strength. “9” itself has the meaning of transformation and critical point, because 9 is the largest number in the single digit.

Therefore, in the stage of 9, like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, it has to go through the painful process of breaking out of the chrysalis.

  • Astrology

Virgo. The hermit tarot corresponds to the perfectionist who pays attention to details and is careful.

  • Hebrew alphabet 

Yod, means hand or palm.

  • Kabalah

The 20th path in the Tree of Life, connecting “4 chesed (Mercy)” and “6 Tiphareth (beauty)”.

what does the hermit tarot card mean

Interaction With Other Cards

  • Eight of Cups tarot card

From the image, it is the eight of cups that brings out the hermit (tarot card). The man in the eight of cups is walking alone in the direction of the mountain, while the hermit is already standing on the top of the mountain contemplating life and himself.

  • High Priestess tarot card

The Hermit tarot card has many similarities to the high priestess tarot card, such as the blue background, the calm expression, etc. It can be seen as a transformation of the feminine Priestess into the masculine Hermit. The Hermit keeps his mind quiet in order to glimpse what is behind the Priestess’s mantle.

  • Strength tarot card

The Strength tarot card is the previous card of the Hermit, indicating that the first phase of the personal deck is over. The next step to embark on the second phase of the social deck requires a new action, and the real action on the beginning is the hermit tarot card.

The Hermit Tarot Card Upright

the hermit tarot card upright card keywords

The hermit is a seeker of answers, groping in the darkness, expecting to receive the light of truth. So this card contains the connotation of solving problems and enlightening the lost.

Besides, this card represents solitude, where you need to go through something alone. At the same time, you need to keep your inner peace so that you can hear the voice of your heart and get inner success.

  • Emotions

The seeker is a person who is used to being alone and is able to organize his or her life in such a way. Since he/she is by nature always enjoying himself/herself, the relationship with his/her partner may seem a bit cold.

But he/she will also help his/her partner to explore inner needs and enjoy the freedom of being alone. Thus, once they reach a certain understanding, they are able to understand each other.

  • Career

The seeker does not seek fame and fortune in his or her work, but rather results that can stand the test of morality, truth and time.

He or she wants the efforts to be meaningful to the world and to human society. Therefore, when working, he or she is often faced with the difficult choice between reality and ideals.

  • Wealth

The seeker tends to reject the opportunity to make money because of different ideas, so it is difficult to have a good fortune. However, due to the simple and frugal character, he or she can still accumulate some property.

  • Health

The seeker knows the own state of mind and body because he/she is constantly reflecting on his condition, and will maintain the best condition by eating and living in the best way.

The Hermit Tarot Card Reversed

tarot card the hermit

Indulgence and escape are the themes of the reversed hermit. Staying in one’s own world is only loneliness, but going back to the old world is not suitable, or there is no going back, so many people choose to escape.

  • Emotion

The seeker is a partner who only uses money and material things to compensate for the other person, and does not know how to appreciate the other person’s feelings and develop a good interaction.

When there is a disagreement between them, the seeker will use crazy work to avoid communicating with each other, thus making their relationship deteriorate.

  • Work

The seeker is lonely, but does not want to face this fact, so he or she constantly fills the social time with work to avoid having too much time with others. Work for the seeker is a way to escape, so he/she often works overtime.

  • Wealth

The seeker is not very good at planning his income and lacks the right concept of financial management. As a result, he/she often suffers monetary losses because spending money frivolously or buys things of poor quality.

  • Health

The seeker is a workaholic and often has a poor health because of the irregular diet caused by work.

what does the hermit mean in tarot cards

Inspiration By Tarot Card The Hermit

Through silence, solitude and exploration, we all find ourselves ultimately alone, and we all face the dilemma of earthly life in and out.

The answers to life need to be found by ourselves. This also means that we no longer imagine that some day, some place or someone will come to help us unlock the spell of life.

After we move from youth to maturity, we can never look back, but memory and wisdom will shine brightly from the baptism of time, and we will also gain the great gift of patience and independence.

The Printable Tarot Card Hermit

The Printable Hermit Tarot Card

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