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The Fool Tarot Card: Beginnings, Optimism, And Risks

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In essence, The Fool tarot card is a symbol of new beginnings, optimism, and taking risks. In most cases, it represents the start of a journey with naivety. The figure on the card is about to step off a cliff which is portraying the leap of faith into the unknown.

While it can be seen as immature, the fool tarot card is not necessarily negative, and instead it emphasizes the willingness to approach life with open arms. This card is usually associated with carefree people who are ready to take on an adventure to the unknown with a child’s enthusiasm.

What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean?

Overall picture of the fool tarot card

what does the fool tarot card mean

The Fool card in Tarot demonstrates a young and outgoing man who is dressed in funny clothes, carrying a pouch, and accompanied by his small dog.

He is shown gazing at the sky and walking into the abyss concurrently. In his eyes, one can sense the wonder and optimism which is also supported by the energetic Sun in the background.

Correspondence of fool tarot card

  • Keyword  

Adventure, Risk-taking, Fresh starts, Open-mindedness, Optimism, Free spirit.

  • Element

Tarot Fool card is the representation of the Air element which is linked to the birth of ideas and the energy of the mind. Additionally, Air is also associated with freedom, movement, and the pursuit of knowledge & wisdom.

  • Number

This card in Tarot is numbered as 0. The number zero symbolizes the beginning of the numerical sequence; therefore, it is associated with the vast potential for the start of a new phase in life and the unlimited opportunities that the future holds.

Additionally, the number 0 can also represent the idea of nothingness, which is the naive state of openness to new perspectives.

  • Astrology

Many readers contend that The Fool is associated with the planet Uranus. Uranus is the planet of revolution, sudden change, and breaking free from traditional values.

Uranus’s energy is about stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new frontiers; hence, independent and unconventional people find themselves understood by this planet.

As such, The Fool is a representative of these qualities, together with the idea of non-conformity and a willingness to blaze one’s own trail.

tarot card the fool
  • Hebrew alphabet 

The fool (tarot card) corresponds to the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph (א). This letter represents the idea of oneness and unity, as well as the breath of life.

It is aligned with the qualities of The Fool, because Aleph is also associated with the element of Air, which is linked to intellectual pursuits and prospective unfoldings.

  • Kabbalah

In Kabbalah, The Fool card symbolizes the path of Aleph, which connects the sephiroth of Kether (the Crown) and Chokmah (Wisdom). This path is sometimes called the “First Step” or the “Beginner’s Path,” as it illustrates the initial stage of spiritual development and new beginnings.

The Fool is seen as the embodiment of this path, representing the willingness to take a courageous step into the unknown and embrace the journey of self-discovery.

Additionally, The Fool is also associated with the concept of “divine madness,” which refers to the idea of being willing to let go of rational thought and embrace a more spontaneous approach to life.

This is in line with the Kabbalistic idea of transcending the limitations of the ego and connecting with the divine essence of the universe.

Interaction with other cards

  • The Magician tarot card:

When it comes with The Fool, it can demonstrate the power of manifestation and creative energy. The Fool represents the potential for a novel initiative, while The Magician represents the ability to channel and direct that energy towards a specific goal or outcome.

  • The High Priestess tarot card:

When The Fool appears together with it, it tends to indicate the need to trust one’s intuition and inner guidance, as well as the importance of developing a deeper spiritual connection. The Fool symbolizes the steadfastness to take risks, while The High Priestess represents the deeper mysteries and hidden knowledge that can be accessed through spiritual practice.

  • The Tower tarot card:

When tarot card Fool appears alongside it, the seeker should note that sudden and unexpected events, or even disruption is on the horizon. In addition, this combination may point out a chaotic outcome that can result from seeker’s reckless decision-making too.

  • The World tarot card:

When it appears alongside The Fool, it can show the completion of a cycle and the dawn of new events. The Fool represents the enthusiasm to have complete trust in the universe, while The World embodies the attainment of mastery and the realization of one’s goals and aspirations.

the fool (tarot card)

The upright fool tarot card meaning

  • Emotions

When it comes to love, the upright Fool card usually heralds a new and exciting beginning in a relationship. It can show that you are perhaps starting a new relationship or embarking on a new level of intimacy with your current partner.

The Fool may also symbolize your heady adventures that you thought would be just a one-night stand.

Overall, this can be an exhilarating and energizing time full of romantic opportunities contributing to your spiritual growth. If you’re already in a relationship, you will need to rely on your instincts and intuition, and be willing to learn from mistakes along the way.

  • Career

In the context of career, tarot card the fool can suggest a period of risk-taking, and creative exploration. This card can indicate that you are at the start of a new phase in your career, perhaps taking on a new role or pursuing a completely new path altogether.

The Fool may also suggest that you are approaching your career with a sense of curiosity, and a willingness to try new things. This can be an exciting time that is full of unexpected yet rewarding business opportunities.

However, the Fool can also suggest a need for caution and foresight, as you navigate the unknown terrain of your career journey.

  • Wealth

The seeker may inherit a large sum of money out of nowhere that will eventually bring happiness and cheerfulness to their life.

  • Health

You are youthful, athletic, and energetic. You might be losing weight and starting a new healthy phase as well. If you’re considering getting surgery, play it safe and evaluate the consequences before moving forward.

The reversed fool tarot card meaning

the fool tarot card reversed card keywords
  • Emotions

If you receive the reversed Fool card in your love reading, you may be taking unnecessary risks or being impulsive in your love life. In addition, you might be going through a difficult period due to some unexpected events as well (such as uncovering an illicit affair).

Furthermore, this card warns you about the need to be more mindful in your romantic life and set realistic expectations regarding your date, otherwise, high diving into the land of disappointment is unavoidable.

Overall, the reversed Fool suggests that you are most probably rushing into a new relationship and putting yourself at risk for the sake of intimacy without fully considering the repercussions.

This card asks you to stop ignoring the red flags in your current relationship and advises you to focus on self-care and personal growth, instead of seeking fulfillment solely through romantic relationships.

  • Career

In the context of career, fool card asks you to be more logical in your professional life. Additionally, it can indicate that you may be acting too impetuous in your career decisions, which could lead to missed opportunities.

The reversed Fool suggests that you may need to do more research and planning before pursuing a new career path as well. In lieu of going forward notoriously fast, this can be an ideal time to step back and assess your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and to be more intentional in your career choices.

As a side note, you would do much better if you’d focus on developing more discipline and self-control.

  • Wealth

You might be going through a tough time investing your money. Unfortunately, The Fool card is infamous for its hasty spendings, therefore, the money you make is not likely to be used properly.

For that reason, if you pick this card in your wealth reading, take it as a sign to become more vigilant of your finances and to watch your purchasing habits.

  • Health

Your health may have gone unexpectedly downhill- but please bear in mind that this condition is temporary. Soon enough, you’ll be recovering from your bed and getting back on your feet.

Inspiration By The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool card encourages you to embrace the spirit of adventure and just embark on that new project you’ve been thinking about. Approaching your life with a greater sense of curiosity is likely to result in success, even if this step might have seemed idiosyncratic to you.

The Fool also encourages you to trust your intuition and inner wisdom, rather than focusing exclusively on logic or external advice. Listen to your gut feelings and pay attention to the signs and synchronicities that may be guiding you along your path. Most importantly, continue to maintain your positivity, and collect your rewards.

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Fool printable tarot

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