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The Empress Tarot Card: Meaning And Free Printable Tarot Cards

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The Empress tarot card is closely associated with themes of nurturing, abundance, creativity, and fertility. It can symbolize the power of nature and the earth, as well as the importance of taking care of oneself and others.

She can represent a mother figure, or simply someone who is deeply caring and compassionate. If supported with other cards, the Empress can be interpreted as a sign of material wealth or success, as she often represents the fruitful harvest that comes after hard work and patience.

What Does The Empress Tarot Card Mean?

Overall picture of The Empress Tarot card

the empress (tarot card)

The Empress card in tarot portrays a royal woman sitting on a throne, surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty. She wears a crown adorned with symbols of fertility and abundance and holds a scepter of power in her hand.

The Empress often has a serene expression on her face, and her energy radiates warmth and compassion. In some decks, she is shown pregnant or holding a child which emphasizes her maternal and nurturing qualities.

The background of the Empress card is often filled with blooming flowers, pomegranates, and roses that symbolize fertility and abundance. There is also the element of water in the card such as a river or a lake, which demonstrates the flow of emotions and intuition.

Correspondence of Empress Tarot Card


      • Keywords

    Creativity, Abundance, Maternal energy, Motherhood, Growth, Beauty.


        • Element

      The Empress is associated with the Earth element which governs the fertile and nurturing energy of the natural world. The Earth element is linked to qualities such as stability, grounding, material comfort, and physical abundance too.


          • Number

        The Empress card is correlated with the number 3 after the High Priestess, which represents creativity, growth, and joy. The number 3 can also symbolize balance and harmony, as it is related to the changing energies of the trinities, such as of past, present, and future.


            • Astrology

          The Empress card is associated with the planet Venus, which represents love, beauty, and harmony. Venus is the planet of pleasure and enjoyment, therefore, it encompasses themes of luxury and abundance too. The Empress card is also linked with the zodiac sign of Taurus which is closely related to comfort, women’s strong intuition, and their nurturing nature.

          empress tarot card


              • Hebrew alphabet 

            The Empress card is related to the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is called “Gimel” (ג). The letter Gimel is said to represent the concept of giving and generosity, and the notion of beauty.

            Gimel is sometimes described as a combination of the letters Aleph (א) and Mem (מ), which represent the beginning and the end, respectively. This combination of letters suggests a sense of wholeness and completion that is also portrayed in the spiritual lessons in Major Arcana.


                • Kabbalah

              The Empress is connected with the third sephirah on the Tree of Life, known as Binah. Binah represents the divine feminine and is often associated with concepts such as understanding, wisdom, and intuition.

              The Empress card reflects the energy of Binah through its association with growth, nurturing, and abundance. This card also embodies the maternal energy of goddesses and represents the power of creation and manifestation (conception of an idea or of a child).

              Interaction with other cards


                  • The Emperor tarot card:

                The Empress (tarot card) and the Emperor are often seen as complementary energies, representing the feminine and masculine archetypes, respectively. When they appear together in a reading, they can suggest a sense of balance and harmony between opposing forces, such as intuition and logic, or emotion and reason.


                    • The High Priestess tarot card:

                  Both cards represent aspects of the divine feminine, with the High Priestess embodying the more mystical and intuitive aspects of this archetype. When these cards are together, they can point out a deepening of intuition and a greater connection to the spiritual realms.


                      • The Tower tarot card:

                    It is related to sudden upheavals or a major life change, and when it appears alongside the Empress, it can show that the change is related to issues of growth, abundance, or material comfort. For example, a person might lose their job but then discover a new opportunity that aligns with their passions and values (if the cards are in the upright position).


                        • Ace of Pentacles tarot card:

                      The Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings and material abundance, and when it appears next to the Empress, it can indicate a period of growth, fertility, or prosperity. This combination of cards can be especially auspicious for creative projects, business ventures, or financial investments.


                          • The Devil tarot card:

                        It symbolizes temptation, addiction, or materialism, and when it pops alongside the Empress, it can imply a need to balance material comfort with spiritual or emotional well-being. To exemplify, a person might be so focused on accumulating wealth or possessions that they neglect their relationships or personal values.

                        what does the empress mean in tarot cards

                        The upright Empress Tarot Card meaning


                            • Emotions

                          Overall, this is a very positive card that suggests a period of emotional fulfillment, growth, and deepening of love and connection between partners. In addition, The Empress may suggest that it’s a good time to focus on nurturing your romantic partnership and creating a supportive environment where both parties feel safe. If you’re single, then this card can point out potential new beginnings and the birth of a new love as well.


                              • Career

                            In the context of career, the Empress card represents a period of growth and victory in one’s professional life. Moreover, it can indicate productivity, a creative workplace, and material success. Tarot card The Empress may also suggest that it’s a good time to focus on your diplomatic talents to cultivate a sense of balance and harmony in the office. For interns or unemployed people, this card can hint at the potential for new opportunities or projects, especially in sectors related to women.


                                • Wealth

                              If you happen to draw this card in a reading, just go out and celebrate! Your financial situation is amazing, and your bank account will continue to flourish!


                                  • Health

                                Your overall well-being is great, perhaps with only small flaws. In that case, this card wants you to watch out for your diet and eat more nutritious foods where possible. If you have any health ailments, note that the remedies can be found in plants and herbs, especially in pomegranates.

                                The reversed Tarot Card Empress meaning

                                the empress tarot card reversed card keywords


                                    • Emotions

                                  When it is reversed, the tarot Empress may suggest a lack of nurturing element in your relationship. It can indicate a period of emotional distance, difficulties in communication, or a lack of emotional/ sexual fulfillment.

                                  Moreover, it may also insinuate that it’s time to focus on what’s working in the relationship instead of continuing to blame each other. Empress basically says that if you desire a warm environment, you should pay greater attention to supporting one another and connecting on a much more genuine level.

                                  Please also note that sexual frustration could be the underlying reason for your problematic situation, and being open and honest can actually solve the matters before they go out of hand.


                                      • Career

                                    If the Empress card pops in your career reading in the reversed position, your professional life might be enduring from lack of productivity, creativity, or growth. You might be in a time of financial insecurity as well, possibly suffering from difficulties with work-life balance and a lack of support from your colleagues.

                                    On another level, there might be power struggles and imbalances that you need to discuss with your boss. Well, in order to create a more harmonious and productive work environment, you need to tap into your creative prospects and try to be more open to compromise, as it can help you construct your career path more precisely and successfully.


                                        • Wealth

                                      At this point, the seeker’s financial situation may not be the greatest. You may have lost a huge sum of money or could be dealing with debt. Your problems with money may stem from the women in your life (wife or mother) or simply due to your extravagant spending habits.


                                          • Health

                                        You might be in a position where you require a caretaker’s hand. On a different level, you may have problems with your kidneys, your blood sugar, or with your reproductive organs.

                                        You might be taking your problems too lightly, possibly underestimating them, therefore, please stop avoiding doctors and take the necessary steps for your own well-being.

                                        Inspiration By The Empress Tarot Card

                                        The Empress tarot card is a kind reminder to take care of yourself and to be in a loving and caring environment as much as possible. If you see this card in a reading, nurture yourself and those around you.

                                        In addition, The Empress advises you to tap into your creativity and intuition, and focus on themes of luck and abundance to manifest a brighter future for yourself. You can do this by connecting with nature more such as going for a walk in the woods, tending to a garden, or simply spending time outside in the sunshine.

                                        Free Printable Tarot Cards For Empress

                                        Below, you’ll find 4 complimentary, printable Tarot cards showcasing the Empress. You’re welcome to choose the design you like for printing. It’s important to note that these images are sourced from the web and are meant exclusively for educational use. Please refrain from using them for commercial purposes.

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