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Acelion’s Tarot Card Reviews: The Dream Vision Tarot Card

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Explore the enchanting Dream Vision Tarot, an exquisite illustrated tarot deck adorned with 78 Channeled Visions. The allure of this deck has resonated strongly, garnering an impressive $41,206 in support for its first edition and an additional $28,160 for its second edition in Kickstarter. Let’s delve into the captivating charms of this remarkable tarot deck.

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  • Including 78 cards with a guidebook
  • Printed on 350gsm art paper 65mm x 123mm cards
  • Matte protective lamination and flat blue edge
  • Packaged in a book shape box
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The Dream Vision Tarot is a captivating odyssey into the mystical realms of intuition. Emma Zhang’s visionary artwork, inspired by channeled dreams and guided visions, weaves a tapestry of colors and symbols that beckon the seeker into a profound exploration of self-discovery.

Emma Zhang’s prowess as a spiritual artist and designer shines through in every card of the Dream Vision Tarot. The deck not only serves as a tool for divination but also stands as a masterpiece of design. The intricate details, thoughtful composition, and vibrant spiritual colors elevate this deck to a level where art and divination seamlessly converge.

Whether you’re well-versed in tarot or just starting your journey, this deck is a powerful companion for self-reflection. The symbolism in each card encourages introspection, helping users connect with their higher selves and navigate life’s complexities with clarity.

The deck becomes a visual representation of the transformative journey toward divine awareness, a path illuminated by the principles of living in the present moment, embracing self-love, extending compassion to all beings, finding purpose through meditation and sacred rituals, and joyously dancing with the divine light that permeates life.

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Rooted in the time-honored Rider Waite Tarot system, the Dream Vision Tarot seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Emma Zhang’s ability to draw inspiration from both her spiritual practices and the rich history of tarot results in a deck that feels familiar yet refreshingly new. It’s a testament to the deck’s versatility, catering to both traditionalists and those seeking a contemporary twist.

The Dream Vision Tarot stands out not only for its spiritual depth but also for its exceptional design and print quality. The second edition’s improved conveyability of images enhances the user’s ability to delve into the nuances of each card, making it a visually rich and emotionally resonant experience.

It sets a standard of quality with its meticulously crafted cards, each composed of robust 350gsm art paper. This choice of material strikes a perfect balance—substantial and sturdy, yet avoiding unnecessary bulkiness. Running your fingers over the velvety matte finish of the cards reveals a tactile pleasure, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

The attention to detail extends to the serene blue edges of each card, adding a touch of tranquility to the visual aesthetics. The depth of the blue not only complements the imagery on the cards but also evokes a sense of peace, inviting users into a contemplative state as they engage with the deck.

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Also, the second edition of the Dream Vision Tarot marks a significant evolution. The addition of a Guidebook is a game-changer, providing valuable insights that enhance the reading experience. The strategic repositioning of words on each card, reminiscent of postcards, adds a delightful and practical touch, emphasizing the thoughtfulness put into every detail.

For practicality and elegance, the cards and guidebook find their secure abode within thoughtfully designed book-shaped boxes. This packaging ensures that every element of the Dream Vision Tarot, from the tangible cards to the insightful guidebook, arrives in pristine condition, ready to unveil its magic to those eager to explore the mysteries within.

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