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The Devil Tarot Card: Self-Awareness, Discipline And Control

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The Devil tarot card typically represents temptation, materialism, and negative influences. It can indicate a situation or mindset in which one is feeling trapped or powerless, perhaps due to addiction or unhealthy relationships.

However, the card can also be interpreted as a call to break free from these negative patterns and reclaim one’s personal power.

What Does The Devil Tarot Card Mean?

Overall picture of the devil tarot card

The Devil card in tarot usually depicts a horned, winged, and/or goat-like figure, often referred to as Baphomet. This figure is typically shown standing on a pedestal, with two naked humans chained to it.

The Devil is often depicted with a sinister or menacing expression, holding a torch or other symbol of knowledge. The card’s imagery is meant to convey themes of temptation, materialism, and bondage, and to encourage the seeker to confront and overcome these negative influences in their life.

the devil tarot card upright card keywords

Correspondence of devil tarot card


Addiction, Negative patterns, Fear, Manipulation, Shadow self, Lust, Greed, Control.

⚫ Element

The Devil card is typically associated with the element of Earth in tarot. Earth is associated with materialism, stability, and the physical realm, which are all themes that are often represented in the Devil card.

The Earth element can also be associated with the darker aspects of the physical world, such as addiction, greed, and temptation, which are often depicted in the card’s imagery.

⚫ Number

The Devil card is traditionally associated with the number 15 in the tarot, after the Temperance. The number 15 can be seen as a combination of the numbers 1 and 5, which can add additional layers of meaning to the Devil card’s interpretation.

The number 1 represents new beginnings, individuality, and leadership, while the number 5 can represent change, instability, and conflict. The combination of these numbers in the Devil card may suggest a situation in which one’s personal power is being challenged or undermined by external factors.

⚫ Astrology

In tarot, the Devil card symbolizes the astrological sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign, and is associated with themes of discipline, hard work, and material success. These themes are often reflected in the imagery of the Devil card, which can represent the negative aspects of these traits, such as greed, materialism, and control.

In addition, the Devil card can also be associated with the planet Saturn, which is the ruling planet of Capricorn. Saturn is often correlated with restriction, limitation, and karma, which can further reinforce the themes of bondage and negativity that are associated with the Devil card.

tarot devil card

Hebrew alphabet

The Devil card is associated with the Hebrew letter “Ayin” which means “eye” and can represent both physical and spiritual perception. The association of “Ayin” with the Devil card may relate to the idea of illusion and deception, which are themes often represented in the card’s imagery.

The “Ayin” can also display the idea of spiritual blindness or ignorance, which can be overcome by confronting and breaking free from negative patterns and influences.

⚫ Kabbalah

In Kabbalah, the Devil card in tarot is associated with the 26th path of the Tree of Life, which connects the sephira (emanation) of Hod (meaning “glory” or “splendor”) with the sephira of Netzach (meaning “victory” or “eternity”).

This path is sometimes referred to as the “Path of Ayin,” corresponding to the Hebrew letter “Ayin” (also spelled “Ain” or “Oin”).

The 26th path represents the challenges and negative influences that can arise from an excessive focus on material wealth and power.

This path can be seen as a call to confront and overcome these negative influences, and to use the power of Hod (intellectual analysis and discrimination) to gain victory over the materialistic aspects of Netzach.

The Devil card’s imagery is meant to convey these themes, depicting temptation that can be overcome through the seeker’s willpower and discipline.

Interaction with other cards

Here are a few examples of how the Devil card can interact with other cards:

• The Tower card:

Both of these cards represent upheaval, crisis, and transformation. The Devil card can indicate that the crisis is related to issues of control, addiction, or negative patterns, and that the seeker needs to confront and overcome these issues in order to move forward.

• The Lovers card:

The Lovers card represents choice and decision-making. When the Devil card appears in a spread with the Lovers card, it can indicate that the seeker is facing a difficult choice between temptation and a more virtuous path. The Devil card can suggest that the seeker needs to examine their values and priorities in order to make the right decision.

• The Four of Pentacles:

The Four of Pentacles represents materialism and possessiveness. When the Devil card appears in a spread with this card, it can suggest that the seeker is holding on too tightly to material possessions or clinging to negative patterns that are preventing them from moving forward.

what does the devil tarot card mean

The upright devil tarot card meaning


The Devil card is often associated with strong sexual energy and attraction. In a love reading, the card may indicate that the seeker is feeling deeply drawn to someone who is not necessarily a good match for them, or who may be tempting them to engage in behavior that is not in their best interest.

Tarot Devil card can also represent issues of control or power struggles in the relationship. In a love reading, the card may suggest that one partner is trying to control or manipulate the other, or that the relationship is characterized by a lack of balance or equality.

⚫ Career

Tarot card the devil can indicate a challenging or stressful work environment, or a job that requires the seeker to engage in tasks or activities that are not aligned with their values or goals.

The card can also suggest issues of power and control in the workplace, or a sense of feeling trapped or powerless in one’s career.

In a career reading, the card may suggest that the seeker is experiencing conflicts with colleagues or managers who are trying to exert power or control over them. The person could be taking on too much work or neglecting their own needs in order to please others as well.

⚫ Wealth

Spending way too much than their earnings is likely to cause material problems. The seeker may lose their money and property owing to their endless greed.

⚫ Health

Due to feeling stuck in a job or work environment that is not fulfilling, the person may fall into depression. The devil (tarot card) can also point out sexual problems such as impotency or unwanted pregnancy.

The reversed devil tarot card meaning

the devil (tarot card)


In a reversed position, the Devil tarot card in a love reading can indicate that the seeker is beginning to recognize and confront negative patterns or behaviors in their relationship.

This can be a positive sign, as it suggests that the seeker is becoming more aware of the ways in which they may be contributing to their own problems and is taking steps to change their behavior.

In a love reading, the reversed Devil card may also suggest that the seeker is beginning to experience a sense of liberation or freedom, as they break free from negative patterns and take steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

⚫ Career

In a reversed position, the Devil tarot card in a career reading can indicate a positive shift in the seeker’s work environment, or a willingness to confront and overcome negative patterns that have been holding them back.

This can be a sign of progress and growth, as it suggests that the seeker is taking steps to break free from unhealthy or unproductive patterns and move towards a more fulfilling career path.

In a career reading, the reversed Devil card may also suggest that the seeker is beginning to experience positive changes in their work environment, such as better relationships with colleagues or a more supportive and positive circle.

Furthermore, it can suggest that the seeker is beginning to recognize and embrace their own personal power, and is taking steps to stand up for themselves or negotiate better terms in their work.

⚫ Wealth

The person’s bad luck is about to turn and he/she will be able to move towards a more fulfilling and satisfying financial life. As the seeker is taking steps towards personal growth and development, their wealth will increase.

⚫ Health

Reversed Devil card is a beautiful omen that the person’s health will improve both on the physical and mental plane. It can also suggest that doing self-reflection, setting healthy boundaries, and taking proactive steps towards personal growth are positively contributing to their health.

Inspiration By The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil card in tarot is often associated with negative patterns, addictions, and feelings of being trapped or controlled.

The advice of the Devil card is to confront negative patterns and influences, to seek greater self-awareness, and to cultivate discipline and self-control in order to overcome challenges and move forward.

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