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The Death Tarot Card: End, Transformation And Rebirth

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In tarot, the Death tarot card generally represents transformation, change, and the end of a cycle. It is not necessarily a literal death, but rather a metaphorical death or ending of something in one’s life, which could be a relationship, a job, a way of thinking, or a belief system.

The card often signifies that letting go of the old is necessary for growth and rebirth. It can be a powerful and transformative card, representing the potential for a new beginning after a period of letting go and releasing the past.

What Does The Death Tarot Card Mean?

Overall picture of the death card tarot

death tarot card upright card keywords

In most Tarot decks, the Death card is depicted as a skeletal figure, often dressed in black, riding on a white horse. The figure typically carries a flag or banner with a symbolic image, such as a white rose or the infinity symbol. The horse may be shown rearing up as if it is charging forward, and the background often includes a sunrise or sunset.

The image is meant to symbolize the end of one phase or cycle and the beginning of a new one, with the horse representing the power of transformation and the skeletal figure representing the inevitability of change.

The card may also feature other symbols or imagery that can enhance its meaning, such as a rising sun, a river, or a figure in the distance representing a new beginning.

Overall, the Death card is a powerful symbol of change and transformation, and its imagery is meant to convey the idea of embracing new possibilities and moving forward with courage and determination.

Correspondence of death tarot card

⚫ Keyword

Transformation, Change, Endings and beginnings, Release.

⚫ Element

Water. Water is a symbol of the unconscious mind, emotions, intuition, and the creative force of the universe. Water is also associated with the ebb and flow of life, and the Death card may represent a time of transition from one phase to another, much like the tides of the ocean.

The element of water can also be associated with letting go of what no longer serves us and allowing ourselves to be carried forward by the currents of change.

⚫ Number

This is the card of Number 13, after the Hanged Man. In numerology, the number 13 is considered a powerful and transformative number, often associated with completing one phase or cycle and beginning a new one.

It is also associated with the idea of the unexpected or the unknown, which can be relevant to the Death card’s symbolism of embracing change and letting go of old patterns.

⚫ Astrology

The Death card is considered to correspond with the astrological sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, known for its intensity, passion, and transformative energy. Scorpio is also associated with themes of death and rebirth and the hidden, mysterious aspects of life.

death card tarot

⚫ Hebrew alphabet

The Hebrew letter “nun”, meaning continue and faithfulness.

⚫ Kabbalah

In Kabbalah, the Death card is associated with the sefirah of Netzach, which represents victory, endurance, and ambition.

The Death card symbolizes transformation, change, and the ending of one cycle to begin another. It is seen as a necessary step in the process of spiritual growth and evolution.

Interaction with other tarot cards

In Tarot, the meaning of the Death card can be influenced by the other cards in the reading, particularly those that are adjacent to it or appear in the same spread. Some possible associations with other cards include:

• The Tower tarot card:

Both cards can represent sudden, unexpected change and upheaval. The Tower is often associated with chaos and destruction, while Death can symbolize a more transformative, evolutionary change.

• The Devil tarot card:

While the Devil card can represent being trapped or stuck in unhealthy patterns, Death can symbolize breaking those patterns and the liberation that comes from letting go of them.

• The Wheel of Fortune tarot card:

Both cards represent cycles of change and evolution. The Wheel of Fortune can symbolize the ups and downs of life, while Death can represent a major turning point in that cycle.

• The Fool tarot card:

While the Fool can represent new beginnings and taking a leap of faith, Death can symbolize the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one. Together, these cards can represent the journey of life and the need to embrace change and transformation in order to grow.

what does the death tarot card mean

These are just a few examples of how the Death card can be associated with other cards in Tarot. As with any reading, it’s important to consider the full context of the spread and the individual meanings of each card in order to gain a more accurate understanding of the message being conveyed.

The upright death tarot card

⚫ Emotions

The Death card in love can be a challenging card to receive in a reading, as it often represents the end of a relationship or the death of an old pattern or way of relating.

However, it can also represent an opportunity for growth and transformation in love. Tarot death card can represent a period of personal growth and evolution that leads to more fulfilling and authentic relationships. It may be a time to let go of old fears, insecurities, or patterns of behavior that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy relationships.

The Death card can also represent intense and transformative experiences in love, such as deep emotional connections or powerful sexual experiences. It may be a time to explore your desires and take risks in love, even if it means letting go of old ways of being.

⚫ Career

The Death card in an upright position in a career reading can represent a significant change or transformation in your career or work life. It can indicate the end of a certain phase or job and the beginning of a new one.

This change may be a result of your own choices or may be imposed on you, but in either case, it is likely to be a major shift that will bring significant opportunities for growth and progress. It may be a time to let go of old ways of doing things and embrace new possibilities and challenges.

The Death card in a career reading can also indicate that you may need to leave your comfort zone and take a risk in order to achieve your goals.

⚫ Wealth

A major obstacle is being forcefully removed from your life. Although difficulties are highlighted at the moment, a bigger and brighter financial future is awaiting you.

⚫ Health

Right now, you may be in pain due to a difficult disease. However, the cause of this health ailment will be removed soon which could be literally extracting a tissue or lump from your body.

The reversed tarot death card meaning

death tarot card reversed card keywords

⚫ Emotions

If the Death card appears in reverse in a love reading, it may suggest that you or your partner are resisting change or finding it difficult to let go of old patterns or beliefs that are preventing your relationship from evolving. This could be a sign that you or your partner are stuck in a rut or are unwilling to embrace new possibilities or experiences together.

Alternatively, it could indicate that a time of transition or transformation in your relationship is being delayed or blocked in some way, possibly due to fear or uncertainty about the future.

⚫ Career

If the Death card appears in reverse in a career reading, it may suggest that you resist change or find it difficult to let go of old ways of doing things in your work life. You may be feeling stuck in your current job or career path and hesitant to take risks or try new things.

This card in reverse may also indicate that a planned transition or change in your career is being delayed or blocked in some way. You may be holding onto something that no longer serves you or is hindering your growth and progress.

It’s important to evaluate whether you’re staying in a job or career path out of fear or comfort and whether a change is necessary for your personal and professional growth.

⚫ Wealth

The seeker is not financially well due to a poor decision on a job offer. You most probably missed a crucial opportunity and may have to wait longer than expected for another big chance.

⚫ Health

The person is in severe hopelessness and depression due to the surmounting amount of anxiety in their life.

 Inspiration By The Tarot Card Of Death

The Death card in a tarot reading is often associated with change and transformation. It can indicate the end of a particular phase or situation in your life and the beginning of something new.

The advice would be to embrace this change and see it as an opportunity for growth and evolution, even if it may be uncomfortable or difficult in the short term.

Remember that endings are a natural part of the cycle of life and can lead to positive new beginnings. Trust in your own resilience and adaptability, and be open to the possibilities that the future holds.

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