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The Chariot Tarot Card: Significance And Tarot Cards Printable

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Chariot, as the name implies, can directly represent transportation. The chariot is required to move, so by extension it can also represent a journey. When divining with a mixture of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana or just Minor Arcana, the Chariot tarot card is often replaced by the Two of Coins and the Knight of Wands, as its meaning is similar to a mixture of these two cards.

What Does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean?

Overall picture ofthe chariot tarot card

Chariot is a card with a yellow color. A warrior wearing a battle helmet with eight stars and armor is driving a chariot pulled by two sphinxes, heading towards victory with unstoppable power.

His body is dressed with various magical symbols: the skirt has the symbol of ritual magic, the belt is carved with the symbols of constellations and planets; the shoulders are decorated with two moon-and-a-half-shaped faces; the square on the chest is the symbol of vivid nature; the wand held in the right hand represents the magician.

The curtain at the top back echoes the curtain behind the High Priestess tarot card, indicating that he has put the mystery of “unconsciousness” behind him; the four pillars on the hood symbolize the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth; the symbols of “Linga” and “Unani” on the front of the chariot, meaning the energy of maturity also represent lovers.

The two sphinxes at the forefront symbolize the balance of Yin and Yang: black for severity and white for compassion. These are two opposing forces and emotions, choices and directions, telling us that if controlled well, the chariot will run; If not well controlled, it will fall apart. But even though both are under the control of the motorist, it may drive the motorist into the unknown.

The warrior’s back is the city, indicating that he leaves the material behind and moves forward on his spiritual journey. Because we have come this far from the Fool’s card, we have completed the cultivation of “body” and become mature. The next Power card will lead us into the journey of “heart” cultivation.

Thus, the success of the chariot (tarot card) means the completion of the first set of Major Arcana cards – control the material world.

Correspondence of chariot tarot card

      • Keyword  

    Efficient, opportunity, control, will, success.

        • Element

      The element represented by the chariot is water. Water is a fluid, tristable substance in the universe, and its shape can only be determined by external factors. The qualities of the water element in this Chariot card are: emotional, passive, ambiguous, unable to make decisions, influenced by emotions, lack of breakthroughs, and the need for long-term accumulation to move forward.

      tarot card the chariot

          • Number

        Seven is a number of ascension and beyond, and the way to do that is through learning, challenge and refinement. The Bible says that seven is a perfect number, and the number of God. In ancient Egypt, seven represented the union of spirituality (three) and matter (four).

        We often find that seven or multiples of seven are the basis for the process and principle of growth. A woman’s menstruation occurs in a cycle of four times seven days; there are seven days in a week; there are seven colors in the spectrum; there are seven tones in the musical scale, etc.

        As the seventh card in the Tarot, the Chariot seems to foreshadow that the Fool, having completed one-third of his journey, has become a mature and courageous warrior, pushing forward in his quest for victory.

        In terms of numerical room for growth, the Lovers (No.6) represents choice, then the No.7 card is about taking practical action. You should no longer be hesitant, afraid, or fearful that you will make a mistake.

            • Astrology


              • Hebrew alphabet 


                • Kabalah

              18, Linking understanding and majesty means that what is understood gains majestic power through the chariot, and majestic power is gradually understood through the chariot.

              Interaction with other cards

                  • Wand- the Magician (tarot card)

                  • Canopy – the High Priestess (tarot card)

                  • Crown of Stars – the Empress (tarot card)

                  • Armor – the Emperor (tarot card)

                  • Rune on armor – the Hierophant (tarot card)

                  • Symbols of wings and gyro – the Lovers (tarot card)

                The hermit tarot card upright

                what does the chariot tarot card mean

                What does it mean when you draw an upright hermit tarot card? “Don’t give up” is the key theme of this card. You have to control the forces in your life that are fighting against each other, and no matter how difficult the right path is, you have to keep going.

                It also indicates that it is suitable for doing outdoor activities or new things in the near future, such as skiing, horseback riding, trekking, getting a driving license, etc.

                    • Emotions

                  Emotionally, you are working on controlling your emotions and doing so well, which allows your relationship to develop more smoothly. However, if feelings are overly self-controlled, there is also a tendency to lack gentle communication.

                      • Career

                    In career, you are very talented and confident, working effectively and adjusting your emotions quickly to increase efficiency. You are suitable for a career related to entertainment. In academics, this card indicates progress in grades and passing exams.

                        • Wealth

                      Although you have a certain concept of money management, you are really rather impulsive in the use of money. You will spend a lot of money on buying a new car, car equipment and related items, or even a loan to spend. But as long as you pay a little attention to control, with your efforts and impulsiveness, you will be able to pay off the loan, but also have a savings.

                          • Health

                        Prevention is definitely better than cure for your health. You must watch your diet and avoid overexertion. Your nerves are weak and prone to chronic diseases. Therefore, if you feel too tired or uncomfortable, you should take a good rest.

                        The hermit tarot card reversed

                        What does it mean when you draw a reversed hermit tarot? This card reflects a state of extreme confusion: the tremendous pressure had overwhelmed the warrior, causing his emotions to take the place of judgment and impulse to replace control.

                        The two horses have lost their powerful grip and are running wildly at will. “Emotional rampage” is the best word to describe this time, and calm and self-discipline is the only advice at this time.

                            • Emotions

                          Emotionally, you may have lost your way and are not as calm as you used to be. This creates a sense of distrust in the other person’s mind, so perhaps you need to reflect on what you have done. Sentimentality affects your view of things, and you should not dwell on the past and emotions, or larger conflicts may suddenly erupt.

                              • Career

                            For career, a lack of responsibility for things you have no interest in makes you inefficient and your project progresses with difficulty. If you give up what you used to stick to in your career, the result will be even better. In your studies, you are not interested in your school work and are inefficient in your studies. This results in poor grades.

                                • Wealth

                              Your financial situation is not good, and you hope to gain wealth opportunistically. So it is likely that you will lose a large amount of property due to wrong investments, or lose all because of gambling.

                                  • Health

                                Life’s upsets can cause you to become mentally weak. You may paralyze yourself using harmful methods such as alcohol abuse, which can lead to life-threatening illnesses.

                                Inspiration By Tarot Card The Chariot

                                To sum up, the presence of the Chariot Tarot does not mean success, it only implies that things have the possibility of success. We often encounter conflicting emotions in our lives, because the road to victory is always hard and sweet.

                                In order to keep the chariot you are riding on from falling apart, you must be like the warrior in the card, maintaining unwavering confidence and determination at all times, and keeping your ability to control the entire situation.

                                You have a strong ambition and care a lot about winning and losing, influenced by your will power. Therefore, you will be fully committed to achieving the goals you set.

                                Free Printable Tarot Cards For Chariot

                                Here are four free, downloadable Tarot cards featuring The Chariot. You are encouraged to select your preferred design for printing. Please be aware that these images have been gathered from the internet and are intended strictly for educational purposes. Kindly avoid using them for commercial use.

                                Free Printable Tarot Cards For Chariot 1
                                Free Printable Tarot Cards For Chariot 2
                                Free Printable Tarot Cards For Chariot 3
                                Free Printable Tarot Cards For Chariot 4

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