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Tarot Cards Trend In 2024: Tarot and Social Justice

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Tarot, a captivating tool for self-discovery and divination, boasts a rich history spanning centuries and cultures. However, traditional tarot decks have often fallen short in terms of diversity and inclusivity.

In 2024, a vital movement toward inclusivity has taken root within the tarot community, fostering a more equitable and diverse landscape. This article delves into the tarot cards trend in 2024, exploring the surge of decks featuring diverse characters and cultural influences, the rise of marginalized voices among tarot readers, and the growing emphasis on social justice and activism within the practice.

A History of Exclusion: Lack of Diversity in Traditional Tarot

For many years, the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) tarot deck, created in 1909, served as the de facto standard for tarot imagery. This influential deck, while beautiful and widely used, featured characters primarily of European descent.


The symbolism and cultural references often echoed this narrow perspective. This homogeneity created a barrier for those who couldn’t see themselves or their lived experiences reflected in the cards.

The lack of diversity extended beyond just race and ethnicity. Traditional decks often lacked representation for people of different genders, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities. This exclusion sent a clear message: tarot wasn’t for everyone.

Tarot Cards Trend In 2024: Tarot and Social Justice

The Rise of Social Justice Tarot Decks

Fortunately, the landscape of tarot is undergoing a much-needed transformation. A new wave of creators is challenging the status quo by developing decks that celebrate diversity and social justice.

These decks are not merely cosmetic changes; they represent a deeper shift in how tarot is understood and used. Here are some prominent examples of social justice-oriented tarot decks:

1. The Light Seers Tarot

The Light Seers Tarot

This stunning deck features characters of various ethnicities, genders, and abilities. Its inclusive portrayal allows individuals to connect more deeply with the archetypes, fostering a sense of belonging and self-reflection.

By celebrating diversity, the Light Seers Tarot challenges the traditional norms and invites a broader audience into the world of tarot.

2. Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Embracing diversity through vibrant characters and inclusive narratives, this deck challenges traditional heteronormative portrayals.

It celebrates LGBTQ+ identities and encourages a more open and accepting approach to tarot interpretation.

3. The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

This deck weaves elements of African diasporic traditions into the framework of tarot.

By incorporating diverse cultural influences, it offers a unique lens through which to understand the archetypes.

4. The Onyi Tarot Deck

The Onyi Tarot Deck

Drawing inspiration from Black culture, the Onyi Tarot Deck creates a powerful space for individuals of color to connect with the tarot on a deeper level.

It not only broadens the scope of the practice but also encourages cultural appreciation and understanding.

5. The Prisma Visions Tarot

This stunning deck reimagines the tarot archetypes through a lens of LGBTQ+ identities, fostering deeper understanding and self-acceptance.

6. The Justice Tarot

This deck specifically focuses on themes of social justice, activism, and dismantling oppressive systems. The imagery directly addresses issues like racism, sexism, and environmental degradation.

These are just a few examples of the many social justice tarot decks available. Each deck offers a unique perspective and resonates with different users. The sheer variety reflects the beauty of tarot’s ability to adapt and evolve, becoming a tool for self-discovery and social change.

Creating a More Inclusive Tarot Practice

The movement towards inclusivity in tarot extends beyond the creation of new decks. Here are some ways to make your tarot practice more welcoming and representative:

  • Diversify Your Deck Collection: Explore the vast array of social justice tarot decks available. Find one that resonates with your identity and values.
  • Consider the Artist: Research the creators behind the decks you use. Support artists from marginalized communities who are bringing diverse voices to the tarot table.
  • Reimagine the Readings: When interpreting the cards, move beyond traditional interpretations that may be rooted in a narrow worldview. Consider how the cards might connect to contemporary social issues and your own experiences with marginalization or privilege.
  • Community Matters: Connect with other tarot readers who share your commitment to social justice. Online forums, local meetups, and workshops can provide a safe space for discussions and learning.

By embracing inclusivity, we can unlock the full potential of tarot as a tool for personal growth and collective transformation.


In 2024, the tarot cards trend is undergoing a transformation. Decks that celebrate diversity, readers from marginalized backgrounds, and a commitment to social justice are shaping the future of tarot.

As we embrace inclusivity, we unlock the true power of tarot—a mirror reflecting not only our individual journeys but also the collective path toward a more just and compassionate world.

Because, the cards hold wisdom, but it is our intention and actions that truly shape our destiny. You can also create your own custom tarot cards for Justice!

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