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Tarot Cards Surface Finish Choose

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Do you know how to choose Tarot Cards Surface Finish? There are many players and collectors of tarot cards in Europe and the United States, and there are specialized divination tarot masters. Tarot cards are mass-produced and sold in these countries and have an audience of all ages. Tarot cards are generally made of 350G copper paper, which is generally 70x120mm, and then use sophisticated printing technology to print tarot cards patterns and flowers on the back and add a variety of beautiful crafts, a deck tarot card is born.

Tarot Cards Surface Finish

However, tarot card merchants and collectors for tarot card quality requirements are increasingly high, and the general production of ordinary tarot cards has been unable to meet their needs. Now, most businesses will require manufacturers to increase the gold or silver edge process, so the tarot card is very high-grade. Like the soul tarot card, the magic of love mystery card sides the gilding process so that the whole deck of cards exude tsundere and luxurious temperament. These cards are also very valuable for collection.

Tarot Cards Surface Finish
Spot UV

In addition to the gold and silver edges mentioned above, we can add some UV surface finishing. What is the spot UV process? The traditional printing industry refers to the UV printing effect process, which is to apply a layer of light oil on the pattern to be printed, mainly to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the product. It can make the printed matter look three-dimensional and smooth and can greatly improve the visual beauty of the printed matter. At the same time, the surface of the printed matter is protected so that the printed matter is resistant to corrosion, friction and scratching.

High-quality tarot card printing products feel very smooth, not too thick or thin, but can maintain a certain hardness. Some common low–quality tarot cards, poor printing, and even impurities! Some colour patches can be removed!

When choosing a Tarot printing supplier and manufacturer, please try to choose a manufacturer of a big brand. The printing quality of some small manufacturers is very rough and will fade. Therefore, before choosing a supplier, it is best to ask them to send you relevant samples or to print the design directly. This is the safest method.

However, if you can’t, try to choose a large manufacturer to print tarot cards. It would help if you also listened to the advice of the salesman. Not all companies want to make more money and let you do some process, but these processes have a good effect on the application of tarot cards. However, this is not absolute. Sometimes price may be an important factor to consider. What effect do you need to determine which process should be based on your needs?

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