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Tarot Cards Printing Solutions for Start-ups

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Many new card start-ups do not know where and how to print and custom their cards, such as custom tarot cards printing solutions, oracle cards, and affirmation cards. They barely know about these cards’ approximate production cost, the crafts’ options, the types of packaging, the ways of transportation, and so on!

This article will analyze these issues one by one. After reading it, you may have a basic understanding of the entire process. We will also give you some recommendations at the same time. You may browse the Tarot cards section on our website to see if any products are similar to what you are looking for. If so, you can attach the link to the email and send it to us for consultation, making it easier for us to understand your needs.

card template
Tarot Cards Size Template

Size and Material

Tarot cards can be divided into Tarot cards and Oracle cards, and the affirmation cards mentioned above is a kind of Oracle cards. There are 78 cards in a traditional tarot cards set, with a card size of 70x120mm; most Oracle cards consist of 40 cards, and the size is also a bit larger, of which 88x126mm is more widely used. They are most commonly made of art paper. This type of paper has a very clean and smooth surface, high smoothness and good gloss. Generally, we recommend using 300g and 350g art paper because the price is relatively reasonable.

Surface Finish

Surface and Edges Finishing

Now that you have the material, the size, and the designs for the Tarot cards printing, you can move on to the surface and edge finishing. Proper and favorable surface and edge treatment can make tarot cards look more beautiful and high-grade. We provide several surfaces and edge finish. Generally, we recommend customers use glossy / matte lamination or UV varnish for the surface and gold, silver, and matte gold for the edges.


Products Packaging

Next is the packaging selection. This is based on your products and preferences. The market generally chooses the Hanger box, Drawer box, Lid bottom box, and Magnetic Flip box. We normally recommend customers to choose the Lid bottom box, which has a more reasonable price and is mostly selected. If you need a higher quality box, you can choose a flip box, but the price is also slightly higher. All our packages are listed below.

Tarot Cards Printing Solutions
Tarot Cards Printing Solutions

Pay order

We are a card printer and manufacturer and have a set-up fee. It is not too much of a difference if you order 1-19 decks, 20-99 decks, or 100-300 pairs, so we recommend customers to buy at least 300 decks, which is the most cost-effective. If you want to see our stock samples before placing the order, we can send you the stock samples free of charge, but you must pay 35 US dollars or more for express shipping. The specific price depends on your region.

After the purchased quantity is confirmed, you only need to pay us 30% as a deposit, and then we will start production for you. The lead time is 15-20 working days for 1-10000 sets. After the production of all the goods is completed, you need to pay the remaining balance before we send the goods.


We normally have three modes of transportation: one is door-to-door delivery by sea, which costs about 20-30 days with reasonable freight; the other is door-to-door delivery by air, which is about 10-15 days faster than that by sea; the third is express shipping by DHL, FedEx, and UPS, which can be delivered as soon as 3-5 days, but the transportation cost is relatively expensive. We generally recommend customers choose sea freight. If there is an urgent need, customers can choose express delivery.

I believe that you should have a certain understanding of Tarot card printing. If the above information does not meet your needs, you can leave us a message on the form on the Contact Us page of our website or send us an e-mail at: info@acelioncards.com. Our professional sales representatives will recommend a detailed solution that suits your needs.

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