/  Tarot Card Printing Advice and Specifications for Beginners

Tarot Card Printing Advice and Specifications for Beginners

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In this article, we will show you the tarot card printing advice and specifications for beginners.

Tarot Card Printing Advice and Specifications

No one can say exactly when the tarot cards started. There is a lot of evidence that the 78 tarot cards we know today may have been used for divination in Italy and France during the Renaissance. The original tarot deck contained only the Major Arcana, with the Lesser Arcana coming later.

The Major Arcana is made up of 22 cards. In ancient times, the number 22 symbolized the resonance between the higher universe and reality. It was an extremely powerful number, representing the cosmic power to change the world and the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. The 56 Lesser Arcana cards have a four-element deck, the Grail for Water, the Sceptre for Fire, the Gold for Earth, and the Sword for Wind.

Tarot Card Printing Advice and Specifications

Some tarot cards are designed for beginners. Important information, such as keywords, is printed along the side of the pattern, symbol, and number to help beginners understand the meaning of each card. Before you start learning tarot cards, the basic is a deck, a book, and a notebook. Although there are many different types of cards and many different tarot card designers, the most recommended and most useful card is Waite. It suits the novice and also suits the master. The novice can intuitively read from the card surface to the card meaning.


Let’s take a look at the specific specifications of tarot card printing:

1. Mini version refers to relatively small tarot cards. The general size is 40 x 70mm;

2. Ordinary version, general specification: 70 x 120mm and 88 x 126mm. In addition, some cards are different in length or width and standard versions, but there is little difference in length and width, so it is still in this category. The specific specifications can be a detailed description of each brand;

3. Larger version. This type of deck is slightly larger and wider than ordinary tarot cards, roughly 95 x 140mm in size.

4, special edition, these cards are mostly used for collection or limited edition publication. Production is more special, such as the smallest tarot card and the size of a person’s finger.

Why is the price of tarot cards high and low? Some prices are too different! This is based on the tarot version sold, the specific specifications of the card, the card manufacturer and printing technology, etc. For example, the price of adding only one surface treatment and multiple treatments will be different. The paper you choose to print on will also affect the price. In addition, the quality of tarot cards produced by different suppliers is also different, so that prices will vary greatly. Of course, it depends on the customer’s needs. High quality and ordinary quality are incomparable.


A few tips for beginners :

1, Color, choose your favorite color and pattern lines, some like simple and powerful pattern lines, some like more color layers of the pattern, this according to personal preferences;

2, Style, choose the style you need, such as classical, fantasy, humor, modern, etc.

3. Convenience of learning and richness of materials. The club still recommends learning Wite Tarot Cards and its materials for those who are used to Chinese.

4. Collective, some buyers are for collection, and this type of purchase can be determined according to your specific purchase needs. Can be divided into art appreciation, hot stamping or silver collection, collection of a certain kind of series;

If there are no Tarot Cards for you in the market, and you happen to have the idea of making your own tarot cards, you can contact us directly. We can perfectly meet your needs. And we can also add different crafts to the surface edge to make the tarot cards look more delicate and beautiful.

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