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6 Resources To Help Your Tarot Card Designs

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For contemporary illustrators and designers, the allure of tarot lies in its capacity for personal interpretation. Each tarot card, when laid out, resembles a storyboard, yet the reader embarks on a distinctive journey, crafting narratives from the images.

Today, a fresh wave of artists and designers is channeling their creativity into crafting unique decks that resonate with our modern times. Below, you’ll find six invaluable resources for tarot card designs, offering an ongoing opportunity for learning, growth, and the stimulation of your creative prowess.

6 Tarot Card Designs Resources

1. Behance For Tarot Card Designs



Certainly, Behance is a household name for anyone immersed in the world of design. It stands as the globe’s foremost creative network, serving as a prolific platform for the exhibition and exploration of artistic endeavors. When you delve into the realm of “Tarot Cards” on Behance, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of visionaries—artists and designers who generously share their imaginative interpretations.

Behance isn’t just about passive observation; it’s a dynamic arena for active participation. Here, you can not only expand your knowledge and hon skills but also present your own creations to a global audience. The potential rewards are vast, ranging from accolades and recognition to valuable job opportunities in the thriving creative industry. Behance thus emerges as a vital hub where artistic journeys flourish and connections between creators and enthusiasts are forged.

2. 99designs



99designs, under the ownership of Vista, serves as a worldwide creative platform, simplifying the online collaboration process for clients and freelance designers alike.

This dynamic freelance community has been the catalyst for thousands of gifted entrepreneurs, astute small business proprietors, and innovative brands with a wealth of ideas.

A mere search for “Tarot” on this platform can open a gateway to inspiration and valuable design insights. It’s an ideal platform for those looking to enhance their design skills or seeking opportunities to collaborate with renowned designers, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of creative exchange.

3. Benebellwen Online Courses


Benebellwen online courses

Benebellwen stands as a distinguished tarot reader and designer of exceptional expertise. Through her online courses, she aspires to empower individuals with profound insights, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves, others, and the universe in which they dwell. Moreover, her courses aim to facilitate a profound connection with any potential higher power that may exist.

These transformative courses guide participants in discovering their divinely ordained life purpose, mastering the art of spiritual connectivity, and harnessing personal power to embark on a journey towards a life characterized by happiness, prosperity, and remarkable achievements.

4. Oracle Creator Ecourse


Oracle Creator Ecourse

Guiding the Oracle Creator Ecourse is the talented artist, designer, and spiritual creative, Jo Isabel Klima. With a remarkable 17-year journey in the design and print industry, she has cultivated her expertise, culminating in the establishment of her own business, The Darling Tree, back in 2008.

Among her achievements is the creation of numerous products, notably the highly successful crowdfunded Inner Star Oracle card deck, which has now extended its reach with a French edition offered through an international publisher.

Jo’s extensive experience encompasses the multifaceted process of bringing a card deck to life. She is thrilled to impart her wealth of knowledge, sharing valuable insights and guidance with you on this exciting journey of creativity and spiritual exploration.

5. Cathy Nichols


Cathy Nichols

Cathy Nichols wears many creative hats as an artist, educator, and the author of the book “Storytelling Art Studio.” She also serves as the guide for her two central courses: “Create Your Own Oracle Deck” and “Painting Modern Expressive Flowers.”

Her artistic mission revolves around encapsulating the imperfections and complexities of life—our challenges, heartaches, changes, and losses—while emphasizing the enduring presence of joy and hope.

In her vibrant creations, the spectrum of bright hues represents moments of sheer happiness and contentment, while the deeper, more introspective shades reflect times of contemplation and personal growth. When these colors come together on canvas, they breathe life into the narrative of renewal, symbolizing the transformation of something fractured into a new, resplendent form.

6. Little Lovelies


This article has curated a selection of 15 captivating DIY tarot projects, poised to ignite your creative spirit and offer a fresh perspective on tarot card design. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot card reader or a curious newcomer, these projects promise to inspire you in crafting exceptional cards.

The diversity of these endeavors ensures there’s something for everyone, from quick and straightforward creations that can be accomplished in under an hour to more intricate and immersive projects for those seeking a deeper artistic journey.

Some Questions About Tarot Card Designs

  • What can inspire me to create tarot cards?

Deck creation is a fusion of your ardor for creativity, design, and spirituality. Dedicate moments to solitude, engage in nature’s meditation, indulge in TV, embark on journeys, embrace physical activity—these are all canvases for recording your artistic vision and the profound significance it carries.

Your tarot deck ought to materialize as a product of dialogues with your intuition, an amalgamation of insights garnered from your keen observation of the tangible, waking realm and the enigmatic, mystical world concealed beneath its surface.

  • When designing a tarot deck, are there elements or symbols that must be included?

The choice is entirely yours. The Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck stands as the most prevalent and widely recognized, influencing numerous cards with its imagery and symbols.

However, when you embark on the journey of crafting your personal tarot deck, you’re essentially narrating your own life narrative. Each of us possesses unique stories to share.

As a designer, it remains crucial to maintain some form of intention, even if it’s as simple as following your intuition. In this creative process, the art itself will find a way to convey the messages it holds, speaking authentically to your individual journey and experiences.

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