/  Tarot Assembled (1st Edition) Review: Rebuilding the Arcana, Brick by Symbolic Brick

Tarot Assembled (1st Edition) Review: Rebuilding the Arcana, Brick by Symbolic Brick

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Enter Tarot Assembled (1st Edition), a deck by Jennifer Steidley that invites us to do just that – to deconstruct the familiar Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) symbols and rebuild them into unique pathways for self-discovery.

Tarot Assembled isn’t content to simply echo the established imagery of the RWS. Instead, it dissects each card, isolating its core symbols and presenting them as individual bricks ready to be reassembled.

This deconstructed approach offers a unique lens through which to view the tarot, fostering deeper analysis and personal connection with the archetypal forces they represent.

Basic Parameters of Tarot Assembled (1st Edition)

Basic Parameters of Tarot Assembled (1st Edition)
  • Number of cards: 104 (78 traditional Arcana + 26 individual symbols)
  • Card size: Standard tarot size (2.75″ x 4.75″)
  • Card stock: High-quality 350 GSM
  • Card faces: Minimalist black and white line art with splashes of color, surrounded by holographic detail
  • Back design: Repeating geometric pattern
  • Deck guidebook: 185-page companion by Jennifer Steidley

Special Design and Gameplay of Tarot Assembled (1st Edition)

Special Design and Gameplay of Tarot Assembled (1st Edition)

1. Building Block Symbolism

The heart of Tarot Assembled lies in its deconstructed approach. Each card features a single, iconic symbol from the RWS Major and Minor Arcana, rendered in minimalist black and white line art.

This stripped-down presentation encourages the viewer to actively engage with the symbol, dissecting its layers of meaning and forging their own interpretations.

2. Color as Catalyst

While primarily relying on stark black and white, the deck strategically injects pops of color into specific cards. This selective use of color acts as a spotlight, drawing attention to key aspects of the symbol and adding an emotional layer to the interpretation.

3. Reassembling the Arcana

The 26 additional symbol cards in the deck allow you to rebuild the traditional spreads in unconventional ways. You can choose to include specific symbols that resonate with your query, or create entirely new spreads based on your intuitive guidance. This personalized approach empowers you to craft readings that speak directly to your unique circumstances.

4. Accessibility and Depth

Tarot Assembled’s minimalist design and Jennifer Steidley’s comprehensive guidebook make it accessible to both newcomers and seasoned readers. Beginners can learn the core meanings of the individual symbols, while experienced tarot enthusiasts can delve deeper into their nuances and explore novel interpretive possibilities.

Manufacturing Highlights of Tarot Assembled (1st Edition)

Manufacturing Highlights of Tarot Assembled (1st Edition)

1. Sharp Lines and Crisp Details

The high-quality 350 GSM card stock provides a sturdy base for the intricate line art. The printing process ensures clean, crisp lines and subtle shading, allowing the minimalist symbols to shine in their clarity.

2. Rich, Expressive Black and White

The black and white palette isn’t simply an absence of color. The printing process achieves a range of rich blacks and crisp whites, adding depth and expressiveness to the line art. This nuance ensures the symbols remain visually intriguing and captivating.

3. Durable Finish

The matte finish on the cards minimizes glare and fingerprints, protecting the artwork while providing a pleasant touch and shuffle experience. This ensures the deck retains its pristine beauty even after countless readings and explorations.

4. Holographic Foil

The incorporation of holographic foils on brightly colored cards adds a captivating and dynamic element to each symbol. The interplay between the vibrant hues of the card and the intricate holographic details creates a visually stunning effect. The holographic elements can shimmer and shift as they catch and reflect light, giving the symbols a three-dimensional and almost ethereal quality.

Tarot Assembled (1st Edition)’s minimalistic symbols beckon you to dive deep, peeling back the layers of traditional imagery and forging your own path through the tarot landscape. While it may not suit everyone’s taste, those seeking a fresh perspective and an opportunity to engage with the tarot on a deeper, more analytical level will find themselves enthralled by its unique charm.

So, gather your curiosity, embrace the unknown, and let Tarot Assembled guide you on an unconventional journey through the heart of the Arcana.

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