Tarot is an ancient and mysterious art that has been absorbed and refined over the centuries to become a popular and convenient tool for exploration.

If you have your own set of theories and experiences, you can also try to make your own tarot cards. Through your custom tarot cards list, guide yourself and others to a deeper self-awareness, thus awakening the spiritual energy within each person around you.

Oracle cards are a personalized deck of cards full of wisdom, often used in magic, spiritual practices and even daily entertainment. They can be of any theme or system, such as moonology oracle cards, love oracle cards, angel oracle cards, energy oracle cards, etc. They can also be of any size, shape and number of cards. Therefore, they have a much wider scope than tarot decks.

You may be thinking, since oracle cards are so unlimited, can i make my own oracle cards? Of course you can! Make your own oracle cards and even sell with Acelion right now!

Affirmation cards are a set of positive and influential cards. They can have different styles and statements that are positive and designed to help empower you, support you in gaining confidence and self-esteem in any given area, or achieve balance in your life.

affirmation deck can be a very useful tool if you are in a rut, depressed, or feel like your life is out of balance. Because self-affirmations are a great way to help build self-esteem and overcome doubts.

A complete set of tarot, oracle and affirmation cards comes with a detailed instruction booklet to make it easier for beginners to learn how to use them. Here we have compiled a list of booklets commonly used to produce Tarot, Oracle and Affirmation cards, such as Saddle sewn binding, Glued perfect bound etc.

We offer many types of accessories as follows: deck box, window box, mini the box, gift card boxes, rigid box, lux box, acrylic card box, tin box, magnetic boxes, etc.

All products are made of high quality raw materials and meet European and American safety standards. We also offer eco-friendly packaging options, such as Kraft paper bags and Kraft paper sleeves, to reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging.

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