Vintage Tarot Cards with Embossed Designs

A vintage style tarot deck of 70 cards measuring 70x120mm, supplied with a detailed booklet and a tuck box. The tarot card material used is 350gsm art paper chosen for its great feel.


Our Process


This is a set of vintage style tarot cards we printed, consisting of a total of 70 cards, each measuring 70x120mm. Inspired by classic tarot designs, the creator has ingeniously adapted them with a unique retro tarot touch based on personal interests.

Vintage Tarot Cards

The tarot cards feature an elegant design with colors that mimic the faded look of vintage tarot cards. They have four white edges, emphasizing the central vintage illustrations. Crafted on 350gsm art paper, the tarot cards offer a moderate hardness suitable for standard dimensions. The surface has a smooth finish achieved through double-sided matte lamination and embossing, providing a tactile experience.

Vintage Tarot Cards

Tuck Box

The custom tarot deck comes with a detailed guidebook, featuring a cover made from 250gsm art paper and 105gsm matte black and white printing for the inner pages. The packaging is a double tuck box, allowing convenient opening from both the top and bottom.

The packaging is chosen to be a tuck box, as requested by the customer. This design allows users to open it from both the top and bottom, providing great convenience.

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