Venetian Carnival Tarot Card with Velvet Bag

Discover the Venetian Carnival Tarot, a 78-card deck with red-themed packaging and masked characters. Enjoy unique designs, premium 330 gsm German paper, and a comprehensive 120-page guidebook for insightful readings.


Our Process


This is a 78-card deck, with packaging design themed in red, featuring characters on the cards wearing various masks, which is what we are introducing today—the Venetian Carnival Tarot. The unique design of the Tarot cards, with diverse costumes on the characters, greatly enhances the visual appeal of this distinctive Tarot deck.

venetian carnival tarot

Venetian Carnival Tarot Card

Each Tarot card measures 70 x 120 mm (2.75 x 4.75″), which is the standard size for Tarot cards. To ensure the print quality is both durable and luxurious, the client opted to print on 330 gsm German black core paper.

venetian carnival tarot

Gold Foil Edge

venetian carnival tarot

Two-Piece Box

The Tarot deck is packaged in a sturdy two-piece box, with a red design and unique patterns that exude an air of mystery. In addition, the Tarot deck comes with a 120-page custom booklet. The guidebook offers profound insights into the meanings of the cards and assists in interpreting readings, showcasing your mastery to querents. There is also a high-quality Velvet Bag included.

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