Emotion Exploration Study Cards Maker

The Emotional Exploration Cards are a unique emotional control tool designed for individuals seeking to effectively understand and regulate their emotions. The set also has a booklet and a stand-up box with beautifully designed cards.


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The Emotion Exploration Study Cards are a unique control emotional tool designed to help individuals better understand and regulate their emotions, much like how regular physical training enhances strength and endurance. This card set provides robust support for emotional self-improvement.

Emotion Exploration Study Cards

The cards feature a clean white background with soothing emotional action patterns on the front. Each card is accompanied by corresponding text explanations, while the back provides more detailed analysis. This design is not only visually appealing but also easy to comprehend, offering users an opportunity to delve deep into exploring their emotions.

Emotion Exploration Study Cards

Vertical Box

The cards are packaged in an exquisite Vertical Box that is exceptionally sturdy, ensuring the cards are well-protected from damage. The box cover features a yellow design with a human figure, adding a unique and attractive visual element to the cards.

Furthermore, the card set includes a comprehensive guidebook to help users better understand and utilize the cards. This guidebook provides information about each card and how to best use them for exploring the emotional world.

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