Best Tarot Oracle Affirmation Card Box Choose

When customers print Tarot, Oracle, and Affirmation cards, they usually choose the lid-back box packaging. This is because it is an upscale and generous box shape that is not easily damaged.


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You are still worried about the packaging choice of your tarot card, Oracle card, and Affirmation card. You don’t know which one customers like! After reading the choices of our customers, you will have the answer! Although our company provides many different boxes, the most they choose is lid bottom box.

Why do so many customers choose these cards to go with their heaven and earth boxes? Of course, one of the reasons is the excellent quality of the lid bottom box itself. The rectangular design is very high-class with this kind of card. In addition, the client’s unique design gives the card deck a sophisticated and beautiful look. Tarot card design clients tend to be perfect users, so they use the lid bottom box.

First of all, white heaven and earth boxes are usually suitable for simple, plain and generous customers, while black boxes are noble and charming.

white lid bottom box

black lid bottom box

Besides the black and white design of the heaven and earth boxes, many customers usually have unique designs. Let’s organize them as follows.

Affirmation Cards

Angel Tarot Cards

Natural Enchantments Oracle

runic oracle

sensual seed orcle card deck

Venetian Carnival Tarot

Unicorn Tarot Card

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