Tarot Emblemata: Gold Metallic Ink Edition

The custom tarot card deck comprises 78 cards, which include 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards, in addition to 10 Oracle cards. This specially designed tarot deck is crafted to facilitate your journey to personal empowerment, spiritual enlightenment, and the realization of your destiny. Engage with the Tarot Emblemata to broaden your awareness and light your path with wisdom and inspiration.


Our Process


The Tarot deck named “TAROT EMBLEMATA” features cards designed with great ingenuity, using black as the background and embellished with golden text and illustrations, creating an atmosphere that is both elegant and mysterious. The cards are printed on heavy playing card stock with gold metallic ink on a dark sienna background, measuring 70 x 120 mm, and include a total of 88 cards, each carrying rich symbolic meanings.

casino-quality playing card stock with a premium smooth finish, assuring easy shuffle and wear resistance.

The accompanying guidebook has a simple cover, white in color, with woodcut illustrations that harmonize with the style of the cards and box. The guidebook provides detailed explanations of the methods for interpreting the tarot, the specific meanings of each card, and how to conduct a reading, offering comprehensive guidance to help users deeply understand and effectively use this tarot deck.

tarot emblemata booklet

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The packaging box of the tarot deck is equally exquisite, with a deep black background adorned with golden patterns. The front of the box features the inscription “Tarot Emblemata” and is centrally decorated with a badge from the French Renaissance of the 16th century, while the bottom bears the publisher’s logo, “URANIA PRESS.” The overall design maintains consistency with the style of the card backs, exuding an aura of nobility and mystery.

Beautiful tuck box printed on matte premium card stock, embossing, and gold foil designs on the tuck box

Through this tarot deck, readers can delve into the iconography and symbolism of the Renaissance period, inspiring the magical archetypes and universal mysteries within. By utilizing the subtle energy fields contained in these mystical, metaphysical illustrations, one can not only obtain divinatory results but also inspire new perspectives, promote self-awareness, and help individuals find inspiration and direction on their life paths.

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