Spread Tarot Card – First Edition 2021

The card is a modern tarot innovation by Holly Nelson, blending classic symbolism with minimalist black and white design. Packaged in an elegant black box with gold accents. Crafted on premium 350gsm paper, the deck maintains traditional size and clarity, with a matte finish for an authentic touch.


Our Process


“The SPREAD deck” is an innovative tarot deck that blends classical tarot elements with contemporary design styles, designed by Holly Nelson in 2021. The theme is predominantly black, showcasing a minimalist and modern aesthetic meant to combine traditional tarot symbolism with a modern visual language.

This tarot deck is packaged in a stylish black lid-bottom box, with the designer’s name and the year of publication printed in white and gold letters on the surface. The sides of the box are adorned with tarot card imagery and text, adding a mysterious aura to the packaging.

Matte Lamination

The back of each card features a black background with the distinctive “the SPREAD deck” inscription in contrasting yellow and white fonts. The front of the cards is white, displaying traditional tarot imagery, highlighted by their clear symbolic icons.

Lid-bottom Box

In terms of technical specifications, the tarot cards are produced using 350gsm art paper with dual-sided CYMK printing and a matte lamination finish. These cards adhere to the standard tarot size of 70*120mm. The custom lid-bottom box is crafted by the tarot card manufacturer using 157gsm art paper combined with 1200g gray board, printed on one side with CYMK, also finished with matte lamination and adorned with gold gilt edging.

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