Self-publishing Positive Affirmation Card

custom positive affirmation cards promote positivity and gratitude with soft color designs and thoughtful prompts. Empower children to build confidence and manage emotions. 61 affirmation cards in an elegant Vertical Box.


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Positive affirmation cards, designed with a soft color palette of light green, pink, and white, feature beautifully crafted borders on each card and include thought-provoking conversation prompts. Examples include: “What are you thankful for today? How did you help someone today?”

Self-Publishing Affirmation Card

These kids affirmation cards aim to foster gratitude, kindness, and positivity. They are specifically tailored to empower children to embrace positive thinking patterns, build confidence, and learn how to better manage their emotions.

Self-Publishing Affirmation Card

Custom Vertical Box

This set of custom affirmation cards comprises a total of 61 cards, each measuring 63x88mm and meticulously crafted from premium 350 gsm art paper. These exquisite cards are elegantly packaged within a custom vertical box. The card surfaces are finished with a high-quality glossy varnish, while the box finish features a matte lamination finish. This not only enhances the tactile quality of the affirmation cards but also ensures their durability. These affirmation cards are both practical and visually impressive.

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