Rock Your Light Activation Card Set

The cutom activation card set features 52 beautifully designed cards for lightworkers. With gradient colors, gold foil edges, and a magnetic flip box, these cards offer positive affirmations and energy. They help users unlock potential and stay radiant. A perfect gift to boost confidence and inspire progress.


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“Rock Your Light” is an activation card set specifically designed for lightworkers, containing 52 cards. This set aims to unleash the user’s potential and positive energy through affirmative and motivating messages.

Activation Card

Custom Activation Card

These cards are not only brightly designed but also filled with positive energy and inspiration. The design transitions from yellow to orange to red, creating a beautiful gradient effect. The back of each card features a yellow lightning bolt, while the front is inscribed with motivational text. These texts are intended to provide inspiration and motivation, helping users stay firm and confident on their path of lightwork.

Activation Card

Gold Foil Edge

Each card is square-shaped and can be customized in various square sizes. The card edges are finished with Gold Foil Edge, making the edges very bright and adding visual appeal and a touch of luxury.

Activation Card

Magnetic Flip Box

To complement these exquisite cards, the packaging box is also meticulously designed. The box uses a Magnetic Flip Box design, making it very convenient for users to open and giving it a high-end appearance. This design not only enhances the overall user experience but also increases the collectible value of the card set.

The “Rock Your Light” activation card set is dedicated to providing every lightworker with inspiration and motivation, ensuring they remain radiant and unyielding on their journey to seek light.

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