Printing Tarot Card Silver Edge

Type: Custom tarot cards
Quantity: 78 cards per deck, divination tarot cards
Material: 350gsm art paper
Size: 70x120mm
Printing: CMYK printing
Finish: Matte lamination


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Printing Tarot Card Silver Edge

Printing Tarot Card Silver Edge

A set of tarot cards with monsters as the theme. Kind of like a clown. The king has a magic wand, and the queen has a magic wand. Cards also include bats, weirdos, mummies, etc. We can customize various crafts and personalized tarot cards front and back.

1.78 full-color cards are made of 350gsm art paper, the edges are silver-plated, and the size is 70x120mm.
2. The Tarot card comes with a 200-page manual which explains the functions of each card.

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