Printing Oracle Cards Flowers of the Night

The oracle card is based on the theme of animals and flowers, and you can use the power of flowers and animals to explore. The deck size of 88*126 mm.


Our Process


The Oracle cards is a flower themed card deck that explores different levels and forces in life through the imagery of flowers and animals. This deck includes 44 cards, each with a size of 88 * 126mm. Each card is printed with different patterns and characters to convey different meanings and inspirations. For example, some cards may depict images of flowers or animals, while others may contain patterns related to themes such as nature, humans, and the universe.

In order to make this oracle card look more upscale, customers choose to use a Lid-bottom box packaging, as well as a instruction booklets. If you are interested in this deck, we welcome you to contact us for more information and samples. Obtaining samples is free, but you need to pay for shipping.

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