Printable Tarot Cards: Midnight City Tarot Deck

This tarot card deck is an improvement upon the traditional tarot system, featuring vibrant 90s color palettes and an approachable style that invites you to envision yourself and those in your life within each card.


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The Midnight City Tarot deck is a creative and mysterious work of art. Set against the backdrop of New York City, this tarot deck tells the adventurous tale of The Fool. The cards feature exquisite depictions of vibrant urban scenes and characters, complemented by insightful text descriptions. Its background design incorporates simple eye and star patterns, exuding a distinctive urban comic book atmosphere.

Midnight City Tarot Booklet

Tarot Card Booklet

Midnight City Tarot Deck Box

Lid Bottom Box

This Tarot deck size 70 x 120mm (2.75″ x 4.75″) and comprises a total of 78 cards. It comes complete with an 80-page guidebook that offers in-depth explanations and guidance. The packaging, a sturdy and durable lid bottom box, is uniquely designed to accentuate the theme of Midnight City, leaving a lasting impression.

Tarot Deck outer liner andinner liner

Box Outer Liner and Inner Liner


Buttery Smooth Varnish Shuffling

The tarot card surface finish with an buttery smooth varnish shuffling, providing an outstanding tactile experience. The guidebook is of perfect bound binding booklet type with a glossy finish for a polished look. The box is adorned with exquisite external and internal artwork and features a smooth varnishing finish.

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