Print On Demand Affirmation Cards

This custom affirmation card deck, featuring a stamped edge, is a unique and inspiring set, perfect for daily motivation and personal growth.


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Black Gold Affirmation Cards

Designed by Jacquie Aiche, this card set is not only visually appealing but also offers meaningful affirmations on each card. The designer’s creative touch and inspiration shine through, providing users with a creative and inspiring experience.

affirmation cards

These cards not only feature visually pleasing printed designs but also boast exquisite gold edges along the card borders. In terms of aesthetics, both the black booklet and the box are adorned with gold foil, adding to the overall luxury and refinement of the card set.

Here are the specific details:

affirmation cards matte edge

Matte Edge

Size: Each card measures 70*130 millimeters, with a total of 36 cards. The cards are crafted from 350gsm art paper, offering exceptional texture.

affirmation cards booklet

Affirmation Card Booklet

Flexible Hardcover Booklet: The booklet measures 133*133 millimeters and contains 80 pages (excluding the cover), providing detailed instructions and guidance.

Jacquie Aiche affirmation cards

Magnetic Flip Box: The packaging box measures 146*146 millimeters and provides secure protection and storage.

Packaging: The 36 cards are shrink-wrapped and placed inside the box along with the booklet. The box features a flip design and is also shrink-wrapped, ensuring the contents remain in pristine condition.

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