Print Custom Waite Tarot Card

Type: Custom tarot cards
Quantity: 78 cards per deck, Waite Tarot Card
Material: 400gsm art paper
Size: 70x120mm
Printing: CMYK printing
Finish: Matte lamination / box holographic stars effect


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Custom Print Waite Tarot Card

We are a professional Tarot card production and printing company, which can be customized according to your specific needs and has a variety of surface finish and packaging options. Trippin Waite Bordered Tarot (3rd printing ACELION edition). Printed by ACELION and known for their quality printing and card stock, these cards will help you survive the boredom of lockdown!

This is a set of 78 cards (70mm x 120mm), 350gsm card stock with tuck box(box also features holographic stars effect). There is also a mini 24-page booklet.

Custom Print Waite Tarot Card

tuck box

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