Print Classic Tarot Cards with Tuck Boxes

Type: Custom tarot cards
Quantity: 78 cards per deck, divination tarot cards
Material: 350gsm art paper
Size: 70x120mm
Printing: CMYK printing
Finish: Double-sided glossy UV varnish


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Classic Tarot Card Deck

This set of classic tarot cards is an excellent learning tool that helps people explore their inner intuition through card interpretation, thereby gaining a more precise understanding. This deck embodies the symbolic meaning and philosophy of the classic Tarot card while adapting to today’s environment.

This set of tarot cards has 78 cards, including large and small asanas. Each card is 70x120mm, making it very convenient to carry and use. Each card has a unique meaning. People can better understand their inner world and gain more profound wisdom by reading and interpreting these cards.

This deck of tarot cards is made from 350gsm double copper paper, which is the ideal thickness for this tarot size. We also have many different thicknesses of cardstock. If you have different needs, you can message us directly.

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