Positive Affirmation Journal Prompts

The square affirmation journal prompts, 108x108mm in size, boast an elegant green packaging, employing 400gsm art paper with a matte edge finish. Portable and uplifting, they offer instant access to affirmations for a positive mindset.


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This set of positive affirmation journal prompts is carefully designed by Brittany Schmidt. It encourages individuals to dedicate themselves, lead a positive life, and engage in activities they love.

affirmation journal prompts

Lid-Bottom Box, 108x108mm Affirmation Card

The packaging of the cards features a subtle and elegant green color, and the cards themselves are square with dimensions of 108x108mm. The material chosen is a sturdy 400gsm art paper with a matte edge finish.

affirmation journal prompts

Matte Edge

These cards are delicately compact, making them easy to carry and read. You can pull out a card at any time and immerse yourself in the positive affirmations it contains.

For example:

affirmation journal prompts

I call in endless opportunities

affirmation journal prompts

When I seek calm I breath in and out

If you are interested in this set of cards, you can purchase them by clicking here: Affirmations & Journaling Prompts

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