Personalized Tarot Cards Dreams Vision

These 78 cards represent the eternal cosmos and awaken your inner awareness. Explore the mysterious universe, follow your visions, and begin your journey toward enlightenment.


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When we awaken fully in the depths of our midnight dreams, closing our eyes and letting our dreams guide us on an inward journey, that’s where the magic of the Dream Tarot resides. This set comprises 78 carefully crafted cards, a creation of Emma Zhang, each representing the eternal cosmos. These tarot cards will awaken your inner awareness and unleash the power of your dreams from the depths of your soul. Let us embark together on this mystical journey, following the radiance of our visions, and initiating our path to enlightenment.

Dreams Vision Tarot

This is a set of 78 tarot cards, with each card measuring 70*120mm in size. In selecting materials, we have taken into account our client’s preferences, opting for 350gsm art paper and applying Matte UV varnishing for surface finish to bring out the unique patterns, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of each card.

waterproof Tarot

waterproof Tarot Card

Dreams Vision Tarot Silver edge

Silver Edge

As for packaging, we offer a custom Flip Magnet box designed for utmost convenience. To ensure the utmost protection on the exterior, we’ve incorporated Anti-scratch Matte Lamination on the packaging surface. This not only fortifies the packaging but also significantly reduces the risk of scratches and damage, providing our customers with a flawless user experience.

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