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The funny affirmation memory match deck is a unique set of affirmation cards that doubles as a memory matching game. It encourages a positive mindset about wealth and financial success. These cards can be used daily for motivation.


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The funny affirmation memory match Deck is a set of affirmation cards designed to help you cultivate a positive outlook on wealth and financial success.

affirmation memory match

What sets this deck of affirmation cards apart is its dual functionality. You not only get to enjoy the excitement and entertainment of a memory matching game, but you’ll also discover positive affirmation cards within, inspiring constructive thinking.

You can flip through these affirmation cards daily or whenever you need encouragement, as they provide motivation and inspiration to help you stay focused on your wealth goals.

affirmation memory match

tuck box

These affirmation cards printing size 63x88mm, and the cards are surface finish with a glossy finish, making them highly effective in preventing dust and water damage. The packaging uses standard tuck boxes, which are very convenient for customers to use.

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