Personalised Tarot Card Deck Printing

This is a Personalised Tarot Card Deck Printing. The pack contains 78 full-colour tarot cards and an illustrated instructional booklet.


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Personalised Tarot Card Deck Printing

This enigmatic custom tarot cards deck comprises 78 exquisite cards, centered around the theme of a mysterious bygone world, each adorned with relevant historical illustrations. The cards measure 70 x 120 millimeters (2.75 x 4.75 inches), featuring intricate designs on both their front and back.

Packaged in a robust lid-bottom box, this set ensures the utmost protection for these cards. The cards snugly fit within the box’s base, with an accompanying comprehensive guidebook placed on top. The cardstock boasts a moderate thickness and is printed on 350 gsm art paper, offering a comfortable tactile experience without excessive gloss.

The accompanying booklet, totaling 160 pages, is a treasure trove of information well worth delving into. It meticulously expounds upon the concept behind this Personalised tarot cards deck and its creative process while also delving into the historical facts surrounding Nostradamus. Each tarot card is accompanied by detailed descriptions, sample expanded interpretations, and meditation guidance. Moreover, the booklet contains captivating historical anecdotes, enriching the exploration of the tarot’s underlying stories.

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