Old Gods Tarot Card Publishing Companies

The octagonal-shaped tarot cards feature exquisite borders that showcase intricate depictions of various deities. The custom tarot package includes a detailed guidebook and a Magnetic Flip Box with careful compartmentalization. The cards are finished with meticulous details, such as double-sided Matte UV varnish, Matte Edge, and Foil stamping, resulting in a luxurious appearance.


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This unique tarot deck, known as the “Old Gods Tarot,” boasts an impressive and distinctive design. Despite the unconventional choice of deities, the creator’s artwork exudes a captivating and original style.

Old Gods Tarot Card

The tarot cards in this custom set are uniquely octagonal in shape, each adorned with exquisite borders that frame intricate depictions of various deities.

Old Gods Tarot Card Box

Custom Book Type Box

This custom tarot card package includes a comprehensive guidebook with Perfect Binding, along with a distinctive custom book type box. The bottom of the box is divided into two compartments designed for card storage, while a rectangular compartment at the top accommodates the guidebook. This demonstrates the creator’s meticulous attention to custom packaging design.

Old Gods Tarot Card

Foil stamping

The tarot card surfaces are meticulously treated with double-sided Matte UV varnish and Matte Edge on the edges, complemented by Foil stamping, lending them a luxurious appearance.

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