Ocean-Inspired Tarot Cards with Blue Edging

Custom ocean-inspired tarot card deck is a serene exploration of wisdom and artistry, featuring marine and avian themes. Crafted on high-quality 330gsm German black core paper, these cards boast a matte lamination layer and blue edging, emphasizing their design elegance.


Our Process


The ocean-inspired tarot deck measures 70×120 millimeters, comprising a total of 78 cards. Inspired by marine life and birds, the theme of the deck integrates illustrations created using watercolor techniques, incorporating a unique combination of therapeutic elements. The deck includes 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Ocean-Inspired Tarot Cards

Blue Edging

Crafted from premium 330gsm smooth German black core paper, the cards are surface finish with a matte lamination layer, enhancing their elegance. The customer opted for blue edging to highlight the design style of the Tarot patterns. Additionally, each Tarot card comes with a detailed booklet providing comprehensive interpretations for users.

Ocean-Inspired Tarot Cards

Lid-Bottom Box

The Tarot cards is packaged in a custom lid-bottom box, with the cover meticulously designed using 157gsm art paper. The surface is treated with a Matte lamination effect, offering an excellent tactile experience and durability. This uniquely designed packaging not only ensures perfect protection but also showcases the Tarot cards’ sophistication and refinement.

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