Natural Enchantments Oracle Card Printing

The oracle cards were created with nature as a theme. The deck connects with nature and offers healing, inspiration, and a multi-faceted message.


Our Process


People always feel the tranquility and comfort it brings you when they are in natural, it is very wonderful! This is an Oracle deck created on the theme of nature. The creators have discovered through years of exploring natural that connecting with natural is a healing, rooted, inspiring and multi-faceted message. And so this custom oracle cards was created.

Natural Enchantments Oracle Card Printing

Card parameters :

1. Size: 89*127mm*R3.5
2. Material: 350gsm art paper
3. Number of Cards: 52
4. Surface finishing: double-sided glossy UV varnish, shiny silver edge, silver hot stamping on the card back

1. Size & pages: 89*127mm, 118P (excluding cover)
2. Material: cover 250gsm white cardboard, inside page 100g matte paper
3. Printing: full-color printing for the cover, black and white printing for inside
4 Surface finishing: glossy lamination for the cover

Lid bottom box:
1. Material: 157gsm art paper + 1200gsm grey cardboard + 157gsm art paper
2. Printing: CMYK printing
3. Surface finishing: double-sided Glossy lamination + silver hot stamping+V groove+thumb cut

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