Modern Tarot Card Deck Composed of 78 Cards

This custom modern tarot card deck comprises 78 cards with a captivating dark theme, enhanced by intricate white patterns and alternating red-black designs. Each card is finely illustrated, accompanied by a comprehensive guidebook.


Our Process


This is a custom modern tarot card deck composed of 78 cards. It features a dark, predominantly black theme, with each card and the packaging background immersed in rich black tones, adorned with intricate borders and white line patterns. Some cards also feature striking alternating red and black designs, adding a unique touch.

Modern Tarot Card Deck

The cards are digitally illustrated, each artwork being finely detailed. Accompanying the cards is a comprehensive guidebook for interpretation and guidance. The cards are crafted from heavy 350gsm art paper and formatted to the standard tarot card size. They have a matte black edging, adding texture and making the cards even more eye-catching. The deck is packaged in a sturdy flip magnetic box, with silver foil accents and a soft-touch matte coating, combining elegance with practicality.

Modern Tarot Card Deck

Custom Flip Magnetic Box

The box packaging mirrors the same exquisite design, complementing the cards perfectly. The box’s exterior and internal structure are thoughtfully designed to ensure secure card storage. The magnetic closure enhances convenience. Silver foil embellishments and a soft matte coating add an extra layer of sophistication.

Modern Tarot Card Deck

Silver Foil

Custom tarot card deck, aside from its visual appeal, helps you gain a deeper understanding of what you truly desire on your life’s journey. Each card serves as a window, showcasing wisdom and guidance, assisting you in exploring your innermost desires and objectives. This tarot deck is the perfect tool for unlocking your potential and embarking on a new chapter in life.

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