Mindfulness Affirmation Cards with Tuck Box

These 63 x 88 mm affirmation cards, made from 350gsm art paper with a matte laminate finish, promote mindfulness and self-affirmation. Each card carries an affirmation to focus on current feelings and thoughts. Explore our website for custom sizes, surface finishing options, and other products to enhance your daily self-care routine.


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This set of Mindfulness Affirmation Cards features geometric patterns and abstract designs, packaged in a pink-themed box. These cards serve as tools to promote mindfulness and self-affirmation practices. The Affirmation Cards measure 63 x 88 mm (2.5 x 3.5 inches) and are crafted from 350gsm art paper, with a matte laminate finish to ensure durability and a comfortable touch. Each card carries an affirmation intended to help the user focus on their current feelings and thoughts.

Affirmation Cards

Mindfulness Affirmation Cards

The cards exhibit a variety of surface designs, with each card featuring a unique background color and pattern on the front. They are housed in a custom Tuck Box, which is treated with a matte varnish, providing both protection and ease of storage. The process of using these cards involves self-dialogue and self-healing, making them suitable for any time of the day.

Affirmation Cards tuck box

Custom Tuck Box

For those new to creating Affirmation Cards, the process may seem daunting. To help, we provide a guide titled “5 Steps to Create and Print Your Own Affirmation Cards” , which details the entire process from design to printing.

If you have specific size requirements for the cards, you can visit our custom card size page, which offers multiple size options. Additionally, our website features other products for you to explore.

Surface Finish

Regarding surface finishing, we understand that different clients have different needs. Therefore, we offer various options on our surface finishing page, including examples of card and box finishes to assist you in customizing according to personal preferences and usage occasions.

In summary, whether you wish to create Affirmation Cards yourself or are seeking the right size and surface finishing, our website offers a wealth of resources and information to ensure you can produce cards that meet your personal needs.

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