Metaphysics Tarot Cards Deck Printing

The tarot cards are of standard size (70*120mm), featuring matte lamination and gold gilt edging, housed in a meticulously designed custom box. Serving as a unique tool for metaphysical exploration and a precious piece of art, it attracts those interested in numerology.


Our Process


This custom tarot card set is primarily themed around the 64 hexagrams of Chinese metaphysics, covering various aspects of human significance. Each card presents profound details, illustrating the metaphysical elements encapsulated within the hexagrams. Through these cards, individuals can delve into the ancient knowledge of Chinese metaphysics, exploring the profound meanings embedded in the hexagrams.

Chinese metaphysics tarot cards

Gold Gilt Edging

The tarot cards are printed on high-quality 350gsm art paper, utilizing CMYK four-color printing for vibrant colors and clear details. The cards adhere to the standard tarot size of 70 x 120 mm. A matte lamination on the surface finish enhances the tactile quality, and the gold gilt edging adds a luxurious and elegant touch to the edges of the cards.

 Chinese metaphysics tarot cards

Custom Lid-Bottom Box

As for packaging, the customer chooses a custom lid-bottom box, with careful design considerations for the box cover. The tarot card box is crafted from durable 157gsm art paper, ensuring sturdiness. The box’s surface finish is treated with matte lamination for a luxurious and exquisite appearance. This tarot card set is not just a unique tool for exploring metaphysics but also a precious piece of art suitable for anyone interested in numerology.

In addition to the mentioned packaging, we offer different surface finish and packaging options. You can explore our (Custom Boxes) and (Surface Finish) pages for more information. Feel free to contact us immediately for inquiries about quotes and more.

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