Make Your Own Oracle Cards in Nostalgic Style

Eighty standard Tarot-sized cards (70mm x 120mm, 2.75″ x 4.75″), printed on 350 gsm high-quality art paper, with gold edging on the cards.


Our Process


This is a semiotic and European nostalgic style of the Oracle card deck. It has an open divination system. It uses gold edges, printed on art paper, and the main body comprises text and pictures.

Make Your Own Oracle Cards

1. The product comes with a booklet, which introduces the content and application of each card in detail.
2. This set includes 78 Oracle cards, plus 1 male and 1 female indicator, for 80 cards.

We are a professional custom oracle card printing Manufacturer and can provide you with a variety of surface finish, as well as a variety of edge effects and box customization.

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