Make Oracle Cards Choose 400gsm Art Paper

Priestesses oracle card, 400gsm art paper, size is 70 * 120 mm, Surface finishing Glossy Finishing, Packaging lid and bottom box.


Our Process


The oracle card about the priestesses of the new theses, users who like related types, can contact customers to obtain samples. The oracle card is made of 400gsm art paper with a size of 70 * 120 mm.

Surface finishing:Glossy Finishing, UV, or lamination.
Packaging Options:Tuck Box; lid-bottom box.

This 44-card energy essence oracle deck. We can use this deck to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and that you are a special few.

You are on a unique, personal Journey back to expressing your true essence. There may be times when you feel that You can use some guidance, love, and support from your fellow soul sisters who walk the path with you. We share our sacred messages and soul-inspired art through this deck to remind you to sing your song. Dance your dance, and live your magic!

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